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Samsung Serie 4 400B5B Notebook Review

Communicative. Samsung Introduces New Series Order Tracking: Series 4 400B5B is part of a new line-up, and offers anti-glare, high resolution, 15.6-inch screen, two USB 3.0 interfaces and an integrated 3G module. Korean manufacturer offers a model for 950 euros.

"Series 4" Samsung is the new line of business notebooks. The models in this series range in size: 12.5 inches (410B2B) 14 inches (410B4B), and 15.6 inches (410B5B). We tested two versions of the laptop 410B5B: S01 and H01. In this review, the test model is the 410B5B H01.

The new business laptop from Samsung is equipped with an Intel Core i5-2410M (2x2.30GHz) processor. The South Korean manufacturer also installed the NVIDIA Quadro NVS dedicated graphics card 4200 with 1024 MB of VRAM.

The notebook uses Nvidia Optimus technology to automatically switch between integrated graphics and dedicated graphics card. This saves energy and increases battery life. The screen is anti-glare and can reach a resolution of 1600x900 pixels (WXGA + +). The notebook also features 4 GB of RAM, two USB 3.0 ports and an integrated 3G module for mobile Internet.

Samsung 410B5B-H01 is available for 950 euros. You can find more information on the laptop and if it is a good investment, keep reading.

Specifications Samsung 400B5B-H01 :
  • Processor : Intel Core i5 2410M 2.3 GHz
  • Mainboard : Intel HM65
  • Memory : 4096 MB, PC3-10600 (1333 MHz) DDR3
  • Graphics adapter : NVIDIA NVS 4200M
  • Display : 15.6 inch 16:9, 1600x900 pixel, 184HT03-001, glossy: no
  • Harddisk : SAMSUNG HN-M500MBB, 500GB 5400rpm
  • Soundcard : Realtek ALC269
  • Connections : 1 Express Card 34mm, 2 USB 2.0, 2 USB 3.0, 1 VGA, 1 HDMI, 1 Kensington Lock, 1 eSata, 1 Docking Station Port, Audio Connections: 1x LineIn, 1x LineOut, Card Reader: XD, MMC, SDHC, SDXC, SD, Memory Stick, Memory Stick Pro, 1 Fingerprint Reader
  • Networking : Intel 82579V Gigabit Network Connection (10/1000MBit), Broadcom 802.11n (abgn), 3.0 Bluetooth, 3G Modem
  • Optical drive : TSSTcorp CD/DVDW SN-S082D
  • Size : height x width x depth (in mm): 35,3 x 370 x 248,3
  • Weight : 2.55 kg
  • Battery : 48 Wh Lithium-Ion, 6 cell
  • Price : 949 Euro
  • Operating System : Microsoft Windows 7 Professional 64 Bit
  • Additional features : Webcam: 1,3 MPixel (SVGA), 24 Months Warranty
The design of the Samsung Series 4 models are very common. This will certainly attract the attention of buyers looking for a laptop with a simple and conservative design. The black, matte surfaces do not allow the fingerprint to form, and the palm rest areas to prevent skidding.

Samsung announces the Series 4 models with the motto: "The incredible stability and sustainability." But we disagree with the assertion that the case DuraCase with Samsung laptop has one of the few weak points.

The frame can be pushed to the inside on some points, especially at the bottom of the DVD drive's region. On the other hand, the palm rest areas and the base of the keyboard strong enough. The material used here provides only the space under the huge force.

Display hinges are the main weakness of the case. These teams are not represented sufficiently secure. In fact, if the screen is tilted forward, and the laptop is shaken closes the screen and the laptop shuts down automatically. On the positive side, the metal hinges leave a large opening angle.

The screen (which has a built-in webcam) can also be easily folded. The screen cover does not provide sufficient strength either to give way under pressure. Fortunately, the limits of the implants rubber cartel that protects the panel when the laptop is closed.

Connectivity Samsung 400B5B leaves no room for improvement. Two USB 3.0 ports can be found in the model. This is fine as most laptops have only one USB 3.0 port. The books of the series are equipped with 4 slots ExpressCard34, an HDMI port and eSATA.

The bottom of the laptop has a docking port interface. Samsung Smart Dock is available as an option for 260 euros. This adds the following ports on your laptop: DisplayPort, DVI and serial interfaces (COM port, RS232, 9 pin).

400B5B Samsung scores again with its many communication modules. 802.11n WLAN (provided by Broadcom) and Gigabit LAN belong to the basic configuration of all laptops. The latest Bluetooth (version 3.0) can also be found in the series of four models of Samsung. The communication module is most interesting is the integrated 3G module. This allows the user to access the Internet in place by inserting a SIM card into the slot under the battery.

Security is very important for business notebooks. Model is equipped with Samsung hard disk Fall Sensor that protects data if the laptop is dropped. The keyboard is waterproof and prevents unauthorized use, the laptop has a fingerprint reader, which is located under the numeric keypad. The notebook also has a Trusted Platform Module (TPM), and Kensington lock, which can provide additional security if it is used.

Package delivery contains very little outside of the laptop battery and power supply. Recovery CD for Windows 7 Professional (64 bit) is included. It's a nice surprise, as most manufacturers have stopped shipping their laptops with such discs. The manual of the notebook is also included.

Samsung offers a standard period of 24 months warranty from the Series 4 models (including on-site pick-up). In addition, Samsung also offers extended warranties. They range from the performance and the time (12-36 months) and is available from 70 euros.

Input Devices

The keyboard of the 15.6-inch laptop features a full numeric keyboard. The keys have a long distance shot and a conical baskets. The pressure point is strong and gives great feedback. Cursor keys to slide relative to the rest of the keyboard slightly. Overall, Samsung 400B5B to write about is fun. Writing for longer periods will not be a problem on this laptop.

Samsung offers a touchpad (Synaptics V7.5) TrackPoint and users who want to work without an external mouse. Both devices can be disabled easily. Sensitive surface of the touchpad is the 400B5B Samsung is very compact, and supports multi-finger gesture.

Keys to control disc is a short distance, and almost in silence. The same applies to the TrackPoint keys. TrackPoint sits between the keys G, H and B. Unfortunately, the device is on a bit 'too deep, so easy to use and precise.

Samsung has equipped its four series of notebooks with 15.6-inch screen, which can be managed quite rare, and high resolution is 1600x900 pixels (WXGA + +). High resolution means that the work of 400B5B Samsung is easier thanks to a better overview of current programs and files.

Generally, this seems the whole sport standard resolution of 1366x768 pixels. The panel is 16:9, and a glare-free, which means that the reflections on the screen. The display limit is also an integrated 1.3 mega-pixel (SVGA), a webcam.

Panel was measured with Mavo Gossen Monitor tool and the results are generally positive. At maximum brightness, the monitor can handle 239.1 cd / m² (typical) and at one point that even measures 255 cd / m². The brightness is reduced when the laptop is running on battery, but even without an adapter, we managed a respectable 210 cd / m².

For indoor use, these brightness levels are more than enough. However, for outdoor use, we would have liked to see slightly higher values. However, the reader should keep in mind that most laptops run much worse in the category of light. We measured black value of 2.29 cd / m² maximum brightness. The result is a very low contrast of 110:1.

The stability of vertical viewing angle is low, as is common in laptop screens. Horizontal image inversion is kept within limits. The gallery below shows the angle of stability.

400B5B Samsung has a middle class dual-core processor: Intel Core i5-2410M. Both the cores to operate at a frequency of 2.3 GHz base clock and, thanks to hyperthreading CPU can handle up to four threads simultaneously.

The CPU is built on Sandy Bridge architecture and can be increased up to 2.9 GHz with Turbo Boost. Intel Core i5-2410M is an integrated Intel graphics card HD 3000 video. DirectX 10-ready graphics chip capable of performing simple tasks without graphical glitches.

NVIDIA NVS 4200 m is a dedicated graphics card in a laptop that can be used to more strenuous activities graphics. This business is based on the graphics card of the same basic technology, such as GeForce GT 520 GT 520 In contrast, this graphics card is designed for business applications and are not optimized for the game.

NVIDIA NVS 4200 m with a total of 1 GB of DDR3 memory. Optimus will automatically switch to Nvidia graphics and Intel HD 3000 NVIDIA NVS 4200m depending on the program is executed. This technique helps to keep the power consumption of the Samsung 400B5B low, thus increasing battery life.

The 15.6-inch notebook also Mo PC3-10600 4096 (1333) DDR3 RAM. The hard disk drive (manufactured by Samsung) has a capacity of 500 GB and operates at 5400 rpm. The DVD player has a DVD burner installed.

We tested the performance of Intel Core i5 2410M in Cinebench R10 and R11.5 reference. CPU can provide 4545 points in single-core Cinebench R10 test 64 bits. This puts the system in the middle class. Notebooks with the same processor are also middle class.

But dual-core Cinebench R10 test, our test model fell behind the other models with the same processor. The processor in our test model could not score 8724 points, while the Acer Aspire 5750G scored 9840 points with the same processor. Referring R11.5 Cinebench Samsung portable shared first place with other laptops equipped with Intel Core i5 2410M.

We have audited the system performance with PC Mark Vantage and PCMark seventh For these tests, all hardware components tested laptops. Referring PC Mark Vantage Samsung 400B5B total of 6178 points. Lenovo Thinkpad T520 reached 6644 points with the same CPU and GPU. In PC Mark 7 Reference, the system scored 1723 points, which puts the laptop Samsung Series 4 from the last third of our laptop Mark 7 data bank.

We tested the 3D graphics performance and the test model with benchmarks from Futuremark 3D Mark Samsung. The results of all the laity in the region expected. The NVS NVIDIA 4200m scored 4951 points in 3D Mark 06. We also tested the gaming performance of the laptop, but more on that later.

Samsung uses a 500 GB hard drive to its own for the laptop. Hard drive with a slower 5400 rpm (revolutions per minute). The result is a data transfer rate by an average of 82.1 MB / s HDTune 2.55. The laptop could run faster with an SSD. Unfortunately, Samsung does not provide configuration for our test model with a built-in SSD.

Game Verdict
NVIDIA NVS 4200 m is not optimized for the game, and while its focus on the development of producer dedicated graphics card driver and the creation of a reliable business applications. This means that CUDA Compute Direct OpenCL and supported. We tested the gaming performance of our test model of two games of last generation: Dirt Mafia 2 and 3,

Dirt tracks currently 3 with a resolution of 800x600 pixels and low details. Same medium and details of a resolution of 1024x800 pixels, Ralley run the game at a good playable 36 fps (Frames Per Second). The framework should remain above 30 fps for the game to remain fun. High level of detail and resolution are not possible for Dirt 3 of this model test.

We have seen similar results in Mafia 2. The handle turns with medium details and a resolution of 1024x800 pixels with the flow. It is also the limit, as higher resolutions details or to force the game to a crawl.

Finally, the laptop can run the latest games with little details or moderate, and a decent resolution. E ', however, the extension of the power of NVIDIA NVS 4200 m, it is designed for commercial purposes, not for gaming.


The system noise
Samsung laptops are known for their "silent". But even without this feature, run the laptop quietly for office use. At rest, we measured a maximum of 34.4 dB (A). The system was higher when we played a DVD optical drive that contributed to noise emissions.

But the values ​​remained within acceptable regions and experience of the film was not destroyed by noise. The sound of the Samsung 400B5B was distracted when the system was fully loaded (using Prime95 and Furmark benchmarks): emission of noise has increased to 44.2 dB (A).

In exercise of the office, the Samsung Series 4 laptop stays cool. The surface is kept below 30 degrees. In the stress test, Prime95 and Furmark was used for the system to its limits. This resulted in rising temperatures throughout. The rest area of ​​the palms and the keyboard base has remained at 34.5 degrees acceptable. However, in the bottom of the notebook and heated to 47.6 degrees in some places.

In the stress test, we pay special attention to performance, like most phones have had a problem with doing well and at full load. This is because the problem is known as "throttling." Unfortunately, 400B5B Samsung is one of those laptops.

In our stress test, the speed of the CPU often dropped to 1396 MHz for short periods. We ran Cinebench R10 (64 bit) thereafter, and the results are lower than the values ​​we found that if the laptop was "cold". In single-processor rendering could get 3304 points and multi-Rendu, scoring 7497 points just system.

So basically, if you run a laptop with an absolute peak performance of several hours, and then s / performance is expected to fall. However, most ordinary office users will never encounter this problem.

You do not have high expectations of speakers on a laptop. The two small boxes, each with 1.5 watts lack of bass. On the other hand, environments and balanced treble and volume up too high. Stakeholders are more than adequate for everyday use in the office. The user can connect external speakers using the 3.5 mm jack. A microphone is also available.

Battery Life
In the office, a laptop requires 10-22 watts, depending on the energy consumption. When the handset is loaded, it gets worse quickly. When we did prime95 and pushed the CPU to the limit, the power consumption 400B5B Samsung rose to 59 W. In addition, during the execution Furmark at the same time, the consumption of energy is further increased to 75 W power consumption surprisingly low standby-mode (0.2 watts).

400B5B Samsung is equipped with a 6-cell lithium-ion battery that has a capacity of 48 Wh. With minimal performance options, disable WLAN and Bluetooth Battery Eater Reader's test showed that the laptop can run up to 6 hours and 35 minutes. A more realistic scenario would be surfing the test with an average brightness, WLAN enabled options and energy savings enabled.

As long as the user is surfing a few sites on the Internet should be a range of 4 hours and 55 minutes to be possible. The runtime dropped to 4 hours and 29 minutes while running a DVD at maximum brightness. Finally, we put the laptop settings for high performance WLAN tension and increased the brightness to maximum. Using the Battery Eater Classic test, we measured the minimum running time of 1 hour and 19 minutes.

Samsung Business 400B5B-H01 of the new Series 4 is a decent laptop. Although the laptop has some great, there are some areas that could be better.

The screen is 15.6-inch anti-reflective and very bright. This means it is suitable for outdoor use. The keyboard and touchpad is also very good. The unit lacks nothing in terms of connectivity: Two USB 3.0 ports are available, and an eSATA port and ExpressCard34 location can also be found on the laptop. Security features are also very large: a fall detector for hard disk drive, a fingerprint reader and integrated TPM. Even a 3G module was built, which allows users to use the Internet on the go.

Unfortunately, Samsung 400B5B-H01 has a lot of weakness. Display hinges are poor and do not keep the screen tight. At full load, the laptop is strong enough and begins to gas. The contrast of the screen is small, thin viewing angle stability. The last game will only run with medium settings and resolution on the NVIDIA NVS 4200, which should not affect most users Office.

So, buyers are looking for a laptop with a good input devices, anti-glare, bright screen, and a 3G module can be found in the Samsung 400B5B-H01 a good deal for 950 €.

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