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Review Acer Iconia Tab A100

Tiny. Acer tablet has a new family member soon. The Iconia Tab A100 gives you a 7-inch touch screen and can be taken anywhere with its compact design. The tablet Honeycomb (Android 3.2), the price tag of € 299 WiFi version and € 399 3G + WiFi version.

Acer expands its range with the A100 Iconia - a tablet with a 7 inch screen. So, Acer is now also a small shelf of its range. So far, only offers the Acer A500 (10-inch Android 3.0) and W500 (Windows 7). As the letter of the product (A100) suggests, Android 3.2 (Honeycomb) is used in this device. Same as 10 inches (A500), the A100 is based on the Nvidia Tegra 2, which can handle a maximum clock frequency of 1000 MHz

SSD 8 GB of memory, a GPS receiver and wireless LAN are part of the basic equipment. The capacitive tab screen Iconia A100 has a resolution of 1024x600 pixels.

Specifications Acer Iconia Tab A100 :
  • Processor : NVIDIA Tegra 250 1 GHz
  • Memory : 1024 MB
  • Graphics adapter : unknown
  • Display : 7.0 inch 16:10, 1024x600 pixel, kapazitiv, Pixeldichte 166 ppi, glossy: yes
  • Harddisk : 8GB SSD, 8GB
  • Connections : 1 USB 2.0, 1 HDMI, 1 Docking Station Port, Audio Connections: headphone, Card Reader: microSD, SIM card slot (optional)
  • Networking : 802.11 b/g/n (bgn), 2.1 + EDR Bluetooth
  • Optical drive : no
  • Size : height x width x depth (in mm): 195.0 x 13.1 x 117.0
  • Weight : 0.45 kg Power Supply: 0.08 kg
  • Battery : 11.3 Wh Lithium-Ion, 1530 mAh
  • Price : 299 Euro
  • Operating System : Android 3.2
  • Additional features : Webcam: 2 MPixel, DigiCAM 5 MPixel, 12 Months Warranty, DLNA certified media server, motion sensor: 6 axis, accelerometer, gyroscope, brightness sensor
Like many other tablets, Acer Iconia Tab A100 is completely in black plastic with the exception of the screen. The corners are slightly rounded, and the tablet provides a separate model. The A100 is nice to keep the size of 195 x 13.1 x 117 mm (7.7 "x 0.5" x 4.6 ") and weighs 450g (0.99 kg).

It can also be stored in a jacket or pants pocket, contrary Iconia Tab A500. You always need to bag the tablet if you wanted to use it to go, because of its larger size (260 x 13 x 177 mm / 10.2 "x 0.5" x 6.9 ").

Acer has left plenty of room next to the 7-inch screen to keep the tablet. The Home button is on the right and a webcam for the left in the field.

Acer has done a good job in choosing the materials, because you can see all the fingerprints not only on screen but also the black plastic. Fabric must be part of your basic equipment to do so. Acer is unfortunately not a single container.

If necessary, a tablet, the A100 also interfaces Iconia little to offer. However, Acer has not made any changes to the devices of 10 inches. Thus, the A100 also has a microUSB port for connecting the tablet PC and transfer data. No special drivers needed for Windows computers (Vista/Win7). In addition, the A100 has a mini HDMI port for connecting external monitors or flat panel displays are compatible with 720p resolution.

It is not a decision that the A100 can be connected to the AC adapter to recharge the battery. Besides this, the tab has Iconia 40-pin connector on the right. This interface lets you connect the tablet to a docking station available. Costs about 70 €.

Headphone output can be found on the left, and Acer has invested in the rocker volume and special scroll at the top (landscape mode). The screen orientation can be blocked by this slider. It works in both strains (horizontal / vertical).

This is particularly useful for games and applications that use the tablets, the input direction. We found a SIM card slot under a cover implicit (can not be used in this model) and a microSD card slot.

Acer Iconia Tab A100 is both a wireless LAN (b / g / n) and Bluetooth 2.1. You will have to choose the model A100 3G Iconia Tab for more freedom of movement. It 'compatible with 3G/UMTS modems and supports GSM, 3G and HSPA in the bands 850, 900, 1800 and 1900.

WLAN is done automatically or manually. And 'even easier for other applications, AppStore. For example, Wi-Fi Connect, you can easily locate the hotspots near you and use it in tablets by Acer (and other Android devices). Acer Iconia Tab A100 makes no exception here. Login works without additional applications, as well as free access and the WLAN without any problems. First, break the circuit when we went to a party different.

The GPS receiver is integrated into the A100 tablet can also be used for the navigation system. The GPS data can be used on Google Maps, Latitude or mm. There is no dedicated navigation software, installed on Acer A100.

Receive GPS data is always possible, and the accuracy of the location of that place on land. Google Maps for route planning provides all the navigation equipment has to offer.

The scope of supply includes the supply of power requirements, a USB data cable and documentation for the device, in addition to the shelf. Acer have packed all in a stylish box. They included some manuals (DIN A7 / 8 size) to read - but not on the corresponding magnifying glass to read the script extremely low.

Acer offers a manufacturer's warranty of 12 months, extendable by different formulas: one providing services for a period of three years, including travel insurance for 12 months, in addition to an extra € 79. In addition, Acer offers a 36 months bring in service for 99 € (Advantage) with accident insurance and international travelers - as insurance for 3 full years.

Input Devices

Virtual QWERTY keyboard should have faded into the text input is required. It covers about half of the screen visible. Pre-installed on the keyboard input does not support scanning. Failure to flick off the support can be corrected by downloading a specific application from the AppStore - should the need arise.

Acer Iconia Tab A100 screen and reacts very slowly, so spelling errors are made while typing. Voice mail that recognize speech well, will in this case. All words and phrases, even whole as well as Internet addresses have been identified correctly in the test.

Eight sensors are Iconia Tab A100 and can be used in various applications. Tablet exact location is marked by the GPS receiver and can then be used for different applications, such as navigation. Three directions (X, Y and Z axis direction) detects motion (gyro). Integrated Web camera to determine the lighting conditions.

You can adjust the screen brightness automatically to the sensor. Other sensors are used to determine the magnetic field, acceleration and battery status (battery level, temperature). The noise level can also be determined through the microphone.

Acer is in a 2-megapixel webcam on the right side of the external screen. The training is very practical, because the camera lens is covered quickly by hand, when the device is held in his left hand.

Digital Camera
There is a video camera with a resolution of 5 MP on Iconia Tab A100 is Flipside. The camera also has a flash function, in addition to the digital zoom. Not only images but video clips can also be made with the camcorder. The image quality is rather poor himself, and the colors are slightly distorted. Yet the images are satisfactory for the pictures taken on a Sunday stroll.

Photos and videos are stored in internal memory, which only has a capacity of 8 GB in this model. An image requires about 2 MB in exchange for that you need a 10 seconds video clip of ~ 7 MB projected onto a three-minute video, which would be 105 MB and 30 minutes, add up to 1 GB. The flash can be used as a continuous light source in video mode. However, in the light "gnaw" in the life of the battery.

Acer uses a capacitive touch screen with a resolution of 1024x600 pixels. This is much less than the A500 Iconia (1280x800). The touch screen can reproduce 16.7 million colors with a pixel density of 166 dpi. Surface of the screen is bright, typical of this type of device. Reflections on the environment is on the screen in almost any position and almost all lighting conditions. The reflections are attenuated in the halls or night.

The colors of the A100 Iconia tab appear too bright. Our measurements revealed a maximum brightness of 227 cd/m2. The brightness declines sharply toward the upper left corner (30 cd/m2). The backlight is 83%. Center of the screen is 205.8 cd/m2.

We measured black value of 0.33 candelas per square meter. Measurement in the center of the screen showed a contrast ratio of 688:1 to do so. Because our colorimeter is not compatible with Android, I could not run our standard measure of a range of colors.

The A100 Iconia Tab bright 7-inch screen not only reflects a lot of its inner surface. We may see more of our environment and the content that appears when using outdoors. This effect was also observed in the bottom and rose to the point of direct light that the content was not visible at all in the end.

As for web sites, videos or just reading e-mail became a torture. Apart from the readability, contrast and colors are also suffering from bright ambient light conditions. Faded even faster than the interior has been the case.

The contents of the LCD display is visible only in optimum viewing angle in the table of Acer. Colors and contrasts are even all the games on the side viewing angles. When increasing the viewing angle (+ / - in all directions), the content can not be considered as a measure of 45 degrees.

Details and the colors reversed (+ degrees) or more enlightened (- °), a clear difference between the angles of plus and minus were visible. The image in the mirror and after less than 45 degrees in an inclined state. The content remains visible beyond 45 degrees when the tablet is tilted forward. Otherwise fading ever shot at an angle of inclination of 60 degrees first.

As before in his older brother (Tab Iconia A500), a. Tegra 2 (ARM v7) Nvidia working within the tab Iconia A100 with a maximum clock frequency of 1 GHz in the Tegra 2 module, called system-on-a-chip, an ARM Cortex A9 dual-core CPU meets ULP GeForce (GPU), 1 GB of RAM, processor, video and sound card.

Currently, the successor - the world's first mobile quad-core SoCs, code-named Kal-El - still under construction. Nvidia has announced the launch of this year. The processor supports dual-tasking real heart. This means that multiple applications can run simultaneously. Applications running can be opened through the task manager (third icon from the toolbar).

Tegra processor 2 has a maximum clock frequency of 1000 MHz This watch is only implemented when the application requires. The clock in 1000 was necessary in many games graphics ("Angry Birds Rio" or "severe defense") or when reading a file in H.264 format. We measured the clock speed between 216 and 608 MHz in other applications using the "spy of the CPU", while the 216 MHz platform preferred.

In benchmarks, the tab Iconia almost on par with 10-inch tablets we've tested in recent weeks and months. The A100 has passed all the features of 7-inch Browsermark and clearly to the left of the line Dell tablets, HTC and Flyer Creative ZiiO behind. Even the processor Asus (10.1 inches) was beaten by the entry of Iconia A100.

Acer Tablet Flyer tied the HTC Google V8 (difference of 7 points) and aligned behind the Optimus LG V900, Motorola and Asus Xoom TF101 transformer, with a score of 600 points.

The A100 was released almost all the tablets tested overtake Pro Linpack test, and reached the second last place on the map 29 951 points.

1789 points of reference value of the dial (by default) is just enough to Iconia Tab A100 is the last place. All the tables above have been much faster than this benchmark. Acer Iconia Tab A500 scored here in 2087.

The new A100 line between large tablets Smartbench 2011. Just run of 7 "Dell was faster in this benchmark compared to the 7" tablets. The 2626 2388, respectively, points in this benchmark is in a V900 LG Optimus.

The test run of the SunSpider test suite new Acer unit was among the best tablets (2234ms), clearly before all tablets 7 inches and only slightly behind Samsung Galaxy Lose 10.1v (8.9 inches). The A500 Tab Iconia with a 10.1-inch screen needs 1908 ms in this benchmark.

This tablet is a solid state module, which has a capacity of 8 GB of hard drive. The A100's memory can be expanded up to 40 GB via microSD card (with a 32 GB card). Acer does not offer any alternative model updates the A100.

The Android 3.2 interface shows only small differences to the previous version. Acer has not made any specific changes here. We have not noticed any compatibility issues that could lead to a delayed launch of the A100 during the test.

Many applications preinstalled on Iconia Tab A100. Among them: Aupeo (internet radio), (WiFi a server-based media), Documents to Go (application for viewing PDF, Word, Excel and PowerPoint), an e-mail client (POP3 , IMAP, Exchange), an eBook reader and various organizers.

There are also some games installed on Acer Iconia Tab A100. AppStore access is related to the Android Market. A registered account is required to use the AppStore, and almost all other software (eg Google Mail account).

YouTube application installed, you have direct access to the various short films and trailers to deliver a series of episodes. All of them work, some in high definition (HD).

HD movies can be played with the video player installed - and without transcoding. When copying via USB, Iconia tab indicates whether a file transfer is incompatible with the player via a system message. Alternative programs to address conflict can AppStore WMV file. The pre-installed video player has all the basic functions, but crashed frequently in the test. The tablet also quickly reached its limits in fast forward.

Game Verdict
Except for a few exceptions, we have installed all the games ran smoothly, even when playing the suffix "HD" is used only in a portion of the screen.

Many people - even free - games can be installed to install the AppStore. In TegraZone - a special shop is based on Nvidia Tegra II Tablet - you will find games for Android-optimized device.

Some areas of the touch screen at random, and sometimes not at all entrances of the fingers in some games, like "serious defense", where speed is required for both the player and the screen. He also noted this effect in "Plants vs. Zombies".

This is not a problem in the game, but before the tab screen because Iconia A100. These games work on other tablets, without "fear contact."


The system noise
From the A100 Iconia tab has no fan, this tablet work in absolute silence.

Only measure the temperature changes a little on the table in standby mode. They were between 22.2 and 24.7 degrees Celsius (71.9F/76.5F) in the back of the unit. You could even be 25 degrees Celsius (77 F) in the front. Acer A100 becomes much warmer during charging.

The portion of the measured temperature rose to over 28.7 degrees Celsius (83.7F) on the back again. This rate was exceeded, with 29 degrees Celsius (84.2F). The hottest spot was at the top center of the screen. The small adapter were only a few degrees warmer than in slow motion during loading.

The A100 has two small speakers Iconia hotel to the right of the box (horizontal) for audio output. The quality is not very satisfactory because the sound is not very compelling. Only a helmet would be appropriate to provide a much better sound quality. But that is not included in delivery.

The volume is controlled directly through the compressed rockers sound or the settings of the operating system Android.

Battery life
Power consumption is minimal during charging and 4.8 watts was also measured by the load. Compared to other tablets, the tablet Acer in midfield.

Our measurements also show that the power is unlikely that power when the tablet is off (0.3 watts). The card also uses almost no energy in standby mode, and (0.1 watts).

6-cell lithium-ion battery is equivalent to a capacity of 11.3 Wh. The battery has had to grapple in different test situations because of the Acer Iconia Tab A100 is a portable device that is intended to be used permanently without AC power.

The first test scenario, wireless surfing, the screen brightness was set so that the content was visible on the screen (afternoon). Web sites are loaded alternately in the test. The battery lasts 5 hours and 8 minutes.

H.264 video was demolished in the maximum brightness in the second scenario. All wireless modules have been disabled for now. We have measured a runtime of 292 minutes.

The tablet and its battery was put in charge with the game in the third test. The screen brightness set to maximum and the wifi is on. The battery lasted for 3:45 hours in this scenario.

For the final test, the tablet is not much to do: all wireless modules and GPS has been disabled and the screen was turned down. In this mode, the battery lasted exactly 8 hours and 10 minutes.

Compared Iconia Tab A500, younger brother to prove that it has nothing to be ashamed of. Iconia A100 battery lasted 7 minutes to charge more (3:45 against 3:38).

Everything good is worth waiting for: Acer has done a good job on the ad Iconia A100, with few exceptions, and integrates seamlessly into existing compressed family. The launch was postponed due to compatibility problems, but the result is impressive.

The Iconia Tab A100 has everything you would expect from a modern compressed. Only built-in hard drive can be a little bigger. The unit is equipped with 8 GB which is certainly very little in the long run.

Wireless LAN (b / g / n standard) and Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR care of mobility. In addition, the A100 Iconia tab has a GPS receiver and can be used with Google Maps, among others. The tablet should not have gone from a browser installed on it, but can be installed through the Android Market.

Hardware, Nvidia Tegra 2, has shown its high performance in other units, such Iconia Tab A500. This system-on-a-chip solution also manages its tasks quickly in Iconia Tab A100.

7-inch glossy screen reflects very much the environment. Sometimes too much content and can hardly be detected in poor lighting conditions. Capacitive touch screen was weird, "fork" and in part not as it should. Stability angle of view is still a little 'behind our expectations.

With € 299 (wifi only), A100 Iconia tab is at a low price alone. Similar devices, such as Dell Streak 7 ", still cost more than € 35. In turn, the string of 7" has a 16 instead of 8 GB SSD hard drive, but is based on Android 2.2 so far.

The current sale price is only slightly less than the selling price of Acer. The A100 costs about € 100 Tab (€ 399) with wifi and 3G.

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