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Packard Bell EasyNote NX69-HR-127GE Notebook Review

Small 14-inch Acer subsidiary, Packard Bell, has attracted the eye for the first time at IFA 2011. The device is available in online stores of the time. The first thing for you: 14-inch screen framed by a thin frame, a 13.3-inch case. Here the manufacturer has taken advantage of the increased size of the display.

But the NX69 is not only a Dazzler. Technical awakens curiosity, bringing the price much less than 700 €. Nvidia GeForce 2410M Intel Core i5 GT alongside the 540, although the 14 inches makes it a powerful and strong player. Discover the pros and cons, we found that the Packard Bell NX69-HR-127GE our full review.

Specifications Packard Bell EasyNote NX69-HR-127GE :
  • Processor : Intel Core i5 2410M 2.3 GHz
  • Mainboard : Intel HM65
  • Memory : 4096 MB, PC3-10700 667MHz Elpida
  • Graphics adapter : NVIDIA GeForce GT 540M - 1024 MB, Core: 672 MHz, Memory: 900 MHz, DDR3, ForceWare 268.00
  • Display : 14 inch 16:9, 1366x768 pixel, LG Display LP140WH6-TJA1
  • Harddisk : WDC WD5000BPVT-22HXZT1, 500GB 5400rpm
  • Soundcard : Intel Cougar Point PCH - High Definition Audio Controller
  • Connections : 2 USB 2.0, 1 USB 3.0, 1 VGA, 1 HDMI, 1 Kensington Lock, Audio Connections: line out/SPDIF, microphone, Card Reader: SD/MMC/MS/MS-Pro/xD/SDX
  • Networking : Atheros AR8151 PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet Controller (10/100/1000MBit), Atheros AR5B97 Wireless Network Adapter (bgn), 3.0+HS Bluetooth
  • Optical drive : MATSHITA DVD-RAM UJ8A2AS
  • Size : height x width x depth (in mm): 28.7 x 329.4 x 227.3
  • Weight : 2.089 kg Power Supply: 0.391 kg
  • Battery : 60 Wh Lithium-Ion, 6000mAh
  • Operating System : Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium 64 Bit
  • Additional features : Webcam: 1.3MP, multi-purpose mouse pad, Photoshop Elements 9, Nero 9, 24 Months Warranty, aluminum lid
Those who want to show a little luxury EasyNote NX69 seems to be fulfilled. Matte surfaces do an adequate job at the same time feeling of elegance. The 14 incher is presentable in touch with customers, on the one hand, and can be put in private value of the other.

We can not give NX69 called "light". However, with 2089 grams (4.6 lb), plus 391 grams (0.86 lb) with the adapter, the 14-inch 300 grams (0.66 lb) lighter than the Asus X43SV (14 ") or 50 g (0.11 pounds) lighter than the weight Aspire 4830TG is quite high for a 13.3-inch -. and that is exactly the size we have to do with Dell Vostro V130 (13.3 ") which is completely covered of aluminum was significantly brighter with 1.63 kg, Aspire One weighs just 3830TG 1.89 kg (3.5 kg). But we are not sorry to Packard Bell weight as a long (built) 6000 mAh simply a heavy weight.

The user can enjoy high-end surfaces of the box. The hinges are firm and secure grip on the top and do not tend to fail. The maximum opening angle of 150 degrees is perfect for portable use. One hand is required to open the lid - the basic unit is quite heavy at the table alone.

You can only make the base a bit when taken with both hands at his side. The plastic base plate does not have any openings, even for the RAM. This is unfavorable for the update, but very favorable for the stability of the base compact. The pressure may lead to blows in the area of ​​the optical drive.

Wrist Support Pad prove to be very rigid. Hands do not slip on the larger areas and not to leave fingerprints in silver.

Interfaces are not one of the strengths EasyNote NX69. The three USB ports, one is USB 3.0, is sufficient for printer, mouse or USB hard drive. eSATA, ExpressCard34/54 or even a docking port is not installed. External monitors can be connected via HDMI or VGA.

The location can not counter the cable clutter. VGA and HDMI cables are heavy unfortunately the left frontal region. The cables can get in the way of a left-handed mouse. At least the Ethernet port is located at the extreme right rear, so that cables can easily be diverted from the work area. Unfortunately, the USB 3.0 port on the right is way ahead. External hard drives or other USB 3.0 devices that are permanently connected to collide with a mouse right-handed.

In addition to Project N WLAN (Atheros AR5B97), Bluetooth 3.0 + HS is also installed in wireless technology NX69. Atheros AR8151 Driver The Gigabit Ethernet can transfer data as fast as possible. An internal module for HSPA mobile Internet access would have been the highlight.

There is no recovery DVD for Windows 7 Home Premium included (64 bits). Therefore, buyers to create their own image data carrier with MyBackup. Packard Bell notebooks includes the full version of Adobe Photoshop Elements 9 as usual. Nero 9, a complete package for burning DVD / CD and video single and image editing are also included. Social networking is a request for access to Facebook, Flickr or YouTube at a time. The keyboard has its own key to start the program.

Mobile devices such as smartphones or hand-helds can be recharged via USB 3.0 without turning on the EasyNote NX (battery icon in the harbor).

The manufacturer's warranty is 24 months. The extended warranty is a PB grades 3 year warranty that can be purchased for € 69. It covers accidental damage insurance. Additional charges for shipping, labor and parts are covered. The laptop will be picked up.

Input Devices

The keys are spaced on a bed of silver plastic mat. The keystrokes are flush with the surface, which facilitates cleaning. Since there is no numeric keypad, the design is generous. The enter key, space and back are very large and the arrow keys are clearly separated from the others. The volume buttons and the major social networks are on the extreme right (opens these applications).

Unfortunately, the keys are spongy and light running (but a clear point of pressure). The key is the end of the short, medium and coils on the keyboard while typing hard. Overall, the keyboard provides inaccurate information.

While the mouse pad (Synaptics ClickPad v8.0) does not see the right and left, which is under the pad surface. In front of the buffer zone tilts down when you take advantage of a quiet and stop click noise. Fast clicking is a bit 'difficult, because the key to fall short.

The surface is very high (11.2 cm / 4.4 ") and sensitive to the edge. The surface is very smooth and smooth browsing offer resistance. Vertical scroll bar (finger control) is directly" Mouse Keys ", so the lower part of the whole surface. This is a pleasant, because we can not sail down. horizontal scroll bar is also available (the default setting is locked). ClickPad control allows full-motion multi-touch way.

Packard Bell to build the 14-inch (35.6 cm) with a resolution of 1366x768 pixels (HD 16:9). Because a narrow frame to build a TFT, which can be a thin plastic sheet in front of the screen, only the size of the NX69 is a 13.3-inch device. Equipment has a large frame is usually a diagonal screen size 13.4 "(33.8 cm).

The type of anti-glare screen (Model: LP140WH6-TJA1) can convince us not. The average brightness, contrast is low and the color spectrum is narrow. With a value of 1.44 cd/m2 black evaluating a 140:1 contrast. Give a greater contrast intensely bright colors Glare-type if not prevent them from dull and pale.

The color spectrum is narrow, as measured by the color calibrator shows i1Display X-Rite. AdobeRGB (t) and sRGB (t) is not even close to being covered. The higher the quality, 16-inch Sony Vaio FHD F22 (t) shows that this is possible. Design professionals could be deterred by this, but it will not annoy the end user much more.

We measure an average of 196 cd/m2. The luminance meter registers a maximum of 208 cd/m2 in the upper right corner. Given the mobility rate is 300 cd/m2 brightness than would have been desirable. Samsung shows this perfectly in his series 9: 900X1B & 900X3A.

14-inch TFT display is the perfect partner for a balcony or roof garden because of its reflective surface, and only the average brightness. We are experiencing disturbing reflections, even in overcast conditions, which can not be removed with a drop shadow.

Horizontal viewing angles are pretty good. We can also read the screenplay deviated about 40 degrees from the front. Script below will read up to about 40 degrees, when you see waves down (vertically). However, the color begins to turn sharper than 10 degrees (faded images, color, turning).

Packard Bell installs an Intel Core i5-2410M EasyNote NX69-HR-127GE. The heart of Intel dual processor family existing bridge of sand is headed for UC mill found in many laptop models at this time. Mid-range processor with a clock standard 2.3 GHz can provide a slight performance increase with 2.0 Intel Turbo Boost.

Thus, the processor can be overclocked if needed. The clock is raised to 2.9 GHz when only one core is required (two cores: 2.6 GHz). Assuming that sufficient cooling, the processor also clocked higher (> 2.9 GHz). But we did not find that in this case slim (cooling capacity limited).

Graphics chip, graphics, HD 3000, the embedded processor (650-1100 MHz). This allows the use of the Nvidia GeForce Optimus 540m. HDD is equipped with a Western Digital WD5000BPVT-22HXZT1 (500 GB, 5400 rpm).

Turbo to reach the clock above 2.9 GHz (one heart / function Turbo 2.0), cooling must have sufficient reserves. The i5-2410M (2x 2.3 GHz) calculated in accordance with 2.8 to 2.9 GHz single-core applications in our tests (eg SuperPi).

The clock has remained constant at 2.7 GHz (4 x 2693 MHz HT as two virtual cores) in multi-core (or Cinebench wPrime). View images. The processor then reached levels typical of a 2410M in the context of all notebooks tested: SuperPi: 739 seconds; wPrime: 587 seconds; Cinebench R11.5: 2.57 points.

I5-2410M do enough or if you look around a big laptop with a Core i7 2630QM Quad (4x2.0 GHz)? While the latter is not available in 14 inches, can be found in the 15.6-inch notebook from € 660, for example with a Samsung GT 540M RC530.

The 2410M runs 3623 points when the treatment of a nucleus. A 2630QM handles an average of 3649 points (only Cinebench R10 32 bit). The quad core is not an advantage here. Cinebench R10 is different in multiples of 32 bits. The i5-2410M (4 discussions) reaches 9762 points. A 2630QM (8 wires) reached 13 622 points (29%). The calculation of age from a single core is almost never important for routine work.

If you can take advantage of the computing power of multiple threads (eg, video processing, image processing), you will be better with a quad core. The relatively small difference of 29% can be neglected in case of doubt. The four cores does not provide benefits for the games that are currently on the market.

PCMark Vantage shows that the difference can be ignored. Clicking on "comparison" shows many quad-core machines with a similar score. In the new PCMark 7, which uses the best four physical cores, the advantage of four is only 11 per cent (2073 points, Samsung RF511, GT 540M, hard drive 5400 rpm).

3D performance is GeForce 540M (1024 MB DDR3) is almost never just the usual level. At 672/900 MHz (core / memory) corresponds to the standard information. 3DMark 2006 (1280x1024) at the end of 7806 points - a score typical for this CPU-GPU configuration.

3DMark Vantage score of P3829 is less than 540 GT, the most testing devices, which have the same CPU (~ P4150). Unigine Heaven (independent of the CPU) at the end of 13fps, which is very typical of the 540 GT score.

PCMark Vantage HDD score was 3337 points, which is also a score typical of a hard drive 5400 rpm. Only fast hard drives can reach more than 7200 points and 3500 led to an increase in system performance. Hard drive (500GB) Western Digital drive with read 66.8 MB / s sequential. The outbreak of 74 MB / s is quite slow (read from the hard drive cover).

The hard drive is only heard during operation, the fan is off in idle mode. And it is almost never happened. Write and read heads are nearly silent during operation (ticking noise).

Gaming Performance

Wie wir testen - Leistung
We tested how the games work on the 540M GT often tested in this little book with the following tracks.

Action only touches on the details of a game in full uniform. We will only measure 27 frames per second native 1366x768 pixel resolution. This frame rate is good enough 540m GT. Average high about this GPU is 24 fps.

Total War: Shogun 2
The game features 39 fps at medium details. The dual GPU solution, the Radeon HD 6680G2, only manages 30 fps in the same settings.

Dirt 3
The benchmarks included of course the game provides an accurate repeatable. You get good frame rates with high detail 1360x768 pixels: 35 fps. Again, a typical rate. MSI GE620 (i5-2410M) provides 38 fps. The rival, the GeForce 6630M, manages 36 fps with high settings (Dell Vostro 3550).

Deus Ex Human Revolution
Sagittarius can be played very well in its original resolution. You do not give up DirectX 11 details: 37 fps. The basis of test data for this game is still almost empty. The old HD 5650 managed 32 fps TravelMate 7740G. Crossfire configuration GeForce 6680G2, manages a significant 28 basis points worse.

The real-time strategy game runs OK, but the player must not think to use the native 1366x768 pixels and high details (4AA). The demonstration mission operates at an average of 22 fps in the opening minutes. RUSE runs a better 34 fps average retail again in 1366x768 pixels and reduced anti-aliasing (2AA).

Gaming Verdict
Games to reiterate good very good gaming performance the GeForce 540M GT. This is true, does not exceed the resolution 1366x768 pixels. GT 540 is too weak for high detail than XGA (eg, external FHD TFT). However, players are not the best gaming performance, 14-inch (actually 13.3-inch) or smaller case - and especially not less than 700 €.


System noise
A theme that appears in a loop if the i5 is 35 watts and strong enough graphics card can be cooled without the case out of a water heater in this case small. The NX69 Packard Bell even has a scanner that has the potential for cooling performance of the box.

The fan runs 30 to 34 dB (A) when used undemanding (surf, music, voice). Temporarily turns off long periods of inactivity so that only the hard drive noise can be heard. However, when the laptop is rarely used, the noise level is 32-34 dB (A). The cooling system is as high as 39 dB (A) in 3DMark 06. The maximum noise, but steady 40 dB (A) is generated in the stress test (Prime95 and Furmark). We measured a maximum of 38 dB (A) if only the processor is stressed.

Temperatures follow the example of noise - are still relatively quiet. The top does not exceed 35 degrees in normal use, with plenty of rest. It is unfortunate that the touchpad has a higher temperature.

We measure up to 43 degrees in the lower stress test with a processor and Nvidia GT 540 million. As only a selective rate, the average is 34 degrees. This is a low temperature in the case of small stress test. The touchpad heated to 38 degrees under load.

Throttles the CPU clock to 1.2 GHz (defaults to 2.3 GHz) during the stress test (Prime95 + Furmark, see screenshot). System power consumption: 58 watts. Clock rate rose to 2.7 GHz (standard) when Furmark (GPU load) was suspended and remained in power consumption 52 watts. 2.7 GHz correspond to the results of benchmark multi-core processor.

Because the 90-watt power supply enough power requirements and temperatures of the GPU and CPU to keep the green field, the only reason for the limitation of the left is a safety feature. However, players must not stop because we could only cause the above behavior of dense vegetation scenario (stress testing). None of the tests showed the games of this irregularity. For example, at the same time held in prime95 and OpenGL will do the tests (Cinebench R11.5) could lead to restrictions.

The speakers emphasized the midrange and treble. Basses are neglected. Unfortunately, the membranes are clearly not a whistle and beaten, not only in large volumes. The speakers are located above the buttons can be expected, but below the perforated base plate (front). The speakers are not feasible for music fans. It's a shame because there are three buttons on the external keyboard for volume and mute the right.

Battery life
The long-idle execution time (lower brightness, energy saving mode) which allows us to assume a low energy consumption. The measurements confirm this, especially at idle. Lower power consumption varies between 7.6 and 12.5 watts. These figures represent the need for minimum power and maximum load (without battery).

EasyNote NX69 also remain frugal in the stress test (Prime95, Furmark): 58 watts. Only a simple 3DMark 2006 requires more energy (68 watts). The reason for this is the limitation of the CPU (1.2 GHz instead of 1.7) is a stress test, described in the "temperature". Given that the CPU throttles, a stress test is more "savings" as the 3D benchmarks.

The relatively large 90 watts power (391 grams / 0.86 pounds) seems too large for the notebook. But its capacity is just, because it allows the battery must be recharged for a 3D game (typically 20 watts).

Fans can expect a mobility independent practice hours until 6:39. This is how long it lasted in our test WLAN surfing (399 minutes). TFT was set at an average of about 100 cd/m2. The NX69 has been emptied after 2:07 hours of CPU (127 minutes max. Brightness).

Max (at rest), the differences in transit time between the hours of 11:40 (700 minutes) is beyond all expectations. This is the longest run we've ever measured battery 60Wh (or smaller), and i5-2410M. HP EliteBook 2560p 600 minutes to 55 Wh's pretty close. 14-inch competitor to the Asus X43SV identical to that of the CPU / GPU, managed only 335 minutes (56Wh).

Packard Bell EasyNote NX69-HR-127GE is a comfortable 14-inch laptop hard clear material (the surface quality, appearance), the performance and battery life. For us it is curious how the quality of the frame is aluminum, the case may be less than 700 € now. Brushed and hand painted surface has been associated with a plastic bag with a neatly struck rounding.

I5-2410M performance merged with a GeForce 540M GT right game meets our expectations. Thus, the 14 incher is adequate for current games, often in the native resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels and high details.

We measured an execution time of 6:39 hours of the test despite high performance WLAN. The NX69 can even sit on the shelf at 11:40 hours at idle. The only way to show the light in a kind of edge to edge design standards, however, constructive work in the sun, due to reflections. In terms of quality, high definition screen is a member of the general public category. The viewing angles are very small and not even talk about the contrasts.

If you are looking for a good performance (games) in the smallest possible, but presentable, you will be satisfied with the Packard Bell EasyNote NX69-HR-127GE. Configurations with Core i5 and GeForce GT540M first start at € 630 in detail, the manufacturer offers its equipment to a very low price.

Compact options (14 and 13.3 inches) would only have the Asus X43SV (GT + i3 540, from 540 €) and the Acer Aspire 3830TG (GT 540 + i5, from 690 €). Das ASUS N43SL (GT 540 + i5, from € 650) is not present in many stores yet, but should be the same, or better yet, in terms of quality of work.

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