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Prestigio MultiPad PMP5080B Tablet Review

Video artist. Flat Multi PMP5080B compressed into 8-inch multi-touch screen (800x600 pixels), Gingerbread Android 2.3, Android Market, Google and rock chip RK2918 and pay € 199.

Meanwhile, Android tablets cheap Far East for a maximum of 250 € will be found a dozen dimes. The cost of the tablets do not differ much lower, at first, both in technique and attention. Recently, devices with a dual core processor, such as the Tegra 2, are even more confusing for the market entry level tablet.

However, as repeatedly demonstrated in tests of low-end price range the tablets with a dual-core SoC are not a guarantee for a comfortable work with the Slim Devices. It is increasingly difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff in the range of pills on a budget.

Moreover, it is known, the large manufacturers, only a few brands, such as the Archos Arnova or subsidiary, which specializes in a very economical unit, have done to build a big fan of the series with the fixed appliance, and a good service, including regular updates of the firmware.

Now, e-brand, Prestige, still relatively unknown in Germany, makes the company to win the hearts of customers. Instead, the prestige brand is a big wig in Eastern Europe. For example, Prestige is the market leader in navigation systems in Russia.

Rental company to launch a very attractive price of 8-inch tablet based on Android 2.3 Gingerbread, weighing about 510 grams is called Multi PMP5080B less than € 200 on the market. We also took an interesting Tablet Multi PMP5080B House because it is the ARM Cortex A8-based system-on-a-chip (SoC) companies RK2918 chip rock.

The rock fragments RK2918 is a single-core processor, but fans ARM attribute almost magical ability to nail an application processor size in the form of Full HD video playback. Thus, rock fragments RK2918 allegedly decode HD videos up to 1080p at 60 frames / s on the side of the material and thus is suitable as an HD player for HD-TV. It seems so exciting and we took multi PMP5080B Prestige and tested thoroughly.

Specifications Prestigio MultiPad PMP5080B :
  • Processor : RK2918 1 GHz
  • Memory : 512 MB
  • Graphics adapter : unknown
  • Display : 8 inch 4:3, 800x600 pixel, capacitive multi-touchscreen, glossy: yes
  • Harddisk : GB 4GB NAND Flash
  • Connections : 1 USB 2.0, 1 HDMI, Card Reader: Micro-SD, miniUSB, mini HDMI, Gyro Sensor
  • Networking : 802.11 b/g/n (bgn)
  • Optical drive : no
  • Size : height x width x depth (in mm): 11 x 203 x 153
  • Weight : 0.49 kg Power Supply: 0.158 kg
  • Battery : Lithium-Polymer, 5400mAh
  • Price : 199 Euro
  • Operating System : Android 2.3
  • Additional features : Webcam: 2MPix, leather case, Google applications, 24 Months Warranty
Already, the first contact with the tablet Prestige feels good. The fingers feel a soft rubber and is maintained 203, 1 x 153.4 x 11.2 mm and approximate weight. PMP5080B Multipad Prestige 490 grams. It feels good and the tablet will not slip out of hand very quickly. In general, the Tablet PC PMP5080B Multipad Prestige, made a strong impression made and well balanced in the hand in both landscape and profile.

Our 8 inch tablet test candidate has no manufacturing defects. Gaps in the forehead, between the screen frame virtually less involved, are narrow throughout. Flipside The tablet seems to have been made in one piece. In addition to the openings of "reset" the two speakers and a microSD card slot, no additional covers or flaps maintenance here.

When House Multi PMP5080B held in a horizontal position, then the volume keys "VOL +" and "VOL" is on the left. Buttons to adjust or remove the built-in speakers are located at the top and bottom of Flipside. The power button, turning off Multi PMP5080B tablet PC and is located on the two volume buttons.

Multi PMP5080B the right to have a lot more to the right interfaces. Thus, 4-button switch with "ESC - to return to the previous page", "Menu - Options from the View menu," "Start - the splash screen" and "research - go to the home page of Google search" on the front. The keys are not lit and the occasional typo can happen in gray rooms, until the user is located. Integrated 2 megapixel camera is hidden in the upper right corner of the tablet in front.

The connector for power, a mini-HDMI video, opening the microphone, miniUSB 2.0 port (host) and a socket on the head or micro multi PMP5080B tablet right. The interfaces are protected from making multi PMP5080B Prestigio no caps or plugs for the ports.

Prestigio Multi PMP5080B hole is required for the "reset" to restore the compressed space supply, when nothing is not working properly, or if the display freezes the flip side of the lower right. You can also use microSD cards with capacities up to 32 GB in the vicinity. The card reader is easy to push the lid back and forth without too much fiddling.

In addition to USB and HDMI. The Prestigio multi PMP5080B wireless communication via WLAN offers 802.11 b / g / n for connecting to external devices and the world, as well as data sharing WiFi connection works fine with WPA2 and AES without delay in the completion of writing. After entering the desired data, it was available WLAN in seconds. The data connection was stable, and distinguished himself with a warm welcome. Access to public WiFi hotspots perfect, even on the road in various cities.

On the other hand, Multi PMP5080B no Bluetooth, and fast mobile radio via UMTS / HSDPA for internet access on the go. However, Prestigio PMP5080B a 2-megapixel webcam with base (1600x1200 pixels) for video chat and telephony. Image quality of the camera is fairly modest self.

Prestigio is not accessible via network shares SMB and UPnP Media Server for Multi PMP5080B work. For example, only the Archos tablets need the touch of a finger on the file icon to access external memory / UPnP and other computers or to share streams, photos, music and videos in the network (SMB) quickly and directly through the WLAN. But the user either to correct this with a USB cable or configure the Multi accordingly in PMP5080B.

Mini-HDMI adapter or an HDMI cable (mini-HDMI C-HDMI connector) is required to use Multi PMP5080B House as a video player to your TV. When connected, the resolution of 1920x1080p (50 or 60 Hz) can be selected from the menu control pad, select the "HDMI". We observed HD TV HDMI and Multi tablet just appeared on the TV menu PMP5080B immediately. The tablet screen is, however, turned off the TV mode. To become a touch screen in the dark guess.

The Prestigio multi PMP5080B comes in attractive packaging. The box unit is supposed to involve rapidly inside its red background, and the lid of the box in the design of carbon. The first thing you notice in purchasing the cover in black leather for the tablet. It has a soft feel and high quality. The red stitching and slightly rough surface and coat of arms Prestigio more like a special edition of a unit that creates a low cost, € 200 the tablet.

Apart from that, it Prestigio multi PMP5080B found naturally in the box and supplies usual complex as a quick start manual, safety advice obligatory, a USB cable and a 5 volt supply with two amps. Manufacturers generally do not include an HDMI cable to the tablet in this price range, and it is not the scope of Prestigio multi PMP5080B delivery either. A digital manual is installed on the tablet. Prestigio offers 2-year warranty on its Multi PMP5080B.

Input Devices
Flat Multi PMP5080B accepts inputs, such as rotate, zoom, scroll and fast response capacitive 8 "multi-touch screen. In the user interface elements, such as files and applications and the icons and symbols can be opened or moved to a touch of the fingers. PMP5080B Scripture Multi tablet has been carried out on a virtual QWERTY keyboard.

The keyboard automatically fades in the fields of browser, e-mail or the Office of the document text. A pressure point, the haptic feedback vibration, respectively, for example, is hardly in the tablets so far. The PMP5080B is no exception. Nevertheless, we manage very well after a short period of time in the test, and even write something longer texts is relatively easy.

The overall positive impression of the keyboard is, especially for touch PMP5080B dog very fast work. Reacts very quickly all kinds of acrobatics finger. Income, such as navigation, panning and zooming are implemented quickly and without any perceptible delay. We were really surprised that PMP5080B react very quickly in our tests and that it was possible to work comfortably and safely Gingerbread tablet.

The PMP5080B uses Freescale MMA8451Q (accelerometer sensor G) and Asahi Kasei AK8973 as an electronic compass (3 axes) as sensors. Thus, compressed, respectively, the user is always in control even when the barriers are perilously close to a learning curve during a game Raging Thunder. PMP5080B also quickly detects multi direction of the tablet. Whether in the profile or landscape mode, multi turns the content accordingly and quickly in the display position on the right.

Prestigio is Multi PMP5080B contains a glossy 8-inch screen with a resolution of 800x600 pixels and more popular as compact 4:3. Even Apple tablet, iPad, which still uses 4:3. While this suggests a thick black line on the screen when you look at the multimedia content such as movies new HD screen (16:9), many users find "format image frame" to watch and read e-books, e-paper documents and more comfortable.

Multi PMP5080B House is to show the brightness of the screen is the exact unit and professional luminance measurement system, the USB Monitor Mayo in the laboratory measurement. We define the maximum amount of 200 cd/m2 in the lower left, and 181.2 cd/m2 at the center of the screen with the measurement of luminance zone 9.

Multi PMP5080B the brightness is turned up to maximum. We measure the value of 0.35 cd/m2 black in the center of the bottom. LCD shows the center of 0.43 cd/m2. This leads to a contrast of 421:1 an important center of the Multi-screen PMP5080B - a very good price for this price range. PMP5080B there is no need to hide more expensive tablets.

According to the maximum brightness of the screen, Prestige Multi PMP5080B is a middle way for the entry-level tablets. Although the upper range radiate strongly iPad 2 and a maximum of 368 cd/m2 and 304 cd/m2 with the Motorola Xoom, PMP5080B must be approved around 100 cd/m2 less.

The difference in brightness between the Motorola and PMP5080B Xoom is a very clear vision of the comparison is obvious, indoors. This reduces the difference between the outside, because the two tables are simply very reflective. Xoom is a pleasant read, while in the shade.

Multi PMP5080B has no control over the miracles in terms of viewing angle, either. Although expensive IPS display with wide viewing angle can be read up to a very very good in all positions, low-end TN displays will fade quickly, and little can be identified far from the ideal position. When you look directly PMP5080B screen, sharp and high contrast make it fun to look at pictures and videos.

So in principle it is possible to easily accept PMP5080B screen for this price-performance ratio. Nothing better can be found between competition in this category of device. The Prestige Multipad pockets easily compressed PMP5080B previously tested, such as the Archos 101 and 10 Viewsonic ViewPad IT, with a contrast of 421:1, for example.


The multi PMP5080B calculate processor very interesting program or system on a chip (SoC) from the Chinese manufacturer, Fuzhou rock PMP5080B Chip Electronics Co. Ltd. is based on a single core RK2918 from rock fragments instead of a two popular SoC core. OMAP4 IT or Nvidia Tegra 2 in accordance with the motto: It should not always be a dual core, the RK2918 exploit the potential of Android 2.3 Gingerbread in the test. The tablet works very fast and stable in the test. Here are the details:

Rock Chip RK 2918 products at TSMC and 55 nanometers. It contains the IP Vivante graphics, model GC800, such as 3D/2D GPU in addition to the ARM Cortex A8 processor core NEON SIMD engine and clock up to 1.2 GHz (1 GHz PMP5080B), 512 KB of L2 cache. The graphics department also offers hardware acceleration for Adobe Flash Player 10.1.

Rock chips, RK 2918, however, integrates hardware-based 1080p HD decoding Open Source Google VP8 videocodec feature. VP8 video codec used by WebM open format. WebM Project is also a supplier of G, 1 Series IP Video Decoder Design, rock chips using the RK2918.

This seems interesting because video projects WebM 'series IP decoder hardware G 1 apparently operates with a clock frequency of 100 MHz less and is still able to decode 1080p video at 30 frames / s. Series G achieves a maximum of 60 frames / s depending on WebM project.

The G Series also supports an unlimited number of multi-channel decoding, which should allow the simultaneous playback of up to 10 SD video streams onto a chip. And all this with a very low consumption of less than 50 milliwatts of HD video decoding and less than 10 milliwatts in SD videos. We would like to take a look at that.

Multi has a capacity of only internal memory of 512 MB of RAM, and a rigid 4 GB of internal flash memory. HD Photo last vacation, MP3 music and video clips, movies and let the memory capacity to decrease rapidly Multi PMP5080B. PMP5080B configuration memory is poor, but producers will have to save somewhere in this category. At least you can expand the memory up to 32 GB with microSD / microSDHC card, which is now available at a very reasonable price.

Synthetic tests are a difficult thing. And even more free. The current situation between the benchmark Android allows everything, but very reliable and reproducible results in hardware and operating system version. This is partly due to a very wide dispersion of results, various optimizations, etc. However, we have sent to Multi PMP5080B House, through the "standard" test programs, which are currently used by other publishers. However, we did every test several times and the standard deviation is considered.

It quickly becomes clear: Rock RK2918 chip can not keep up Tegra 2 tablets a standard benchmark in terms of overall performance. Tablet with a dual-core SoC, such as the Tegra 2, but are usually a different price range. There are only a few exceptions.

Flat Multi PMP5080B still managed to get 30 410 points Rightware browser, for example, leaves, and Mark Creative Ziio with ZMS-08 behind. It ', however, lags behind Tegras. PMP5080B with the RK2918 chip away the rock reaches 181 points V8 Benchmark Suite Google version 6, and manages to put Ziio and the Archos 101, the OMAP3630 in the shade.

Counters PMP5080B creativity and Archos 101 ZiiO is with 14,600 in Mflops Linpack for Android. According to the Bench Quadrant scores, have multi leaving ZMS-08 increased from the base to 1562 points, but Archos is back with 1464 points. The result is interesting Smartbench 2011.

Although multi PMP5080B can keep pace with the Archos 101 It (745) and Creative ZiiO (661) in the productivity index, RK 2918 Index is clearly beaten game with 598 points. The other two tablets do with OMAP3630 1143, respectively 643 with ZMS-08. Vivante GPU apparently do not calculate GC800 by RK2918 as good as the PowerVR SGX 530 IT.

Not surprisingly, a similar situation occurs in the SunSpider JavaScript benchmark 0.9.1: Rockchip RK2918 The Multipad PMP5080B with a (7182.5 m) and the Archos 101 with an IT OMAP3630 (6978 ms) are nearly equal. The creative ZiiO ZSM-08 a clearly shows the back with 8695 ms. Finally, the PMP5080B also obtained an average score of 439 in Vellamo.

RK2918 chip and presented a rock solid performance at the level of TI OMAP3630 SoC that comparable benchmarks - but no more. In return occasionally RK2918 is always defeated in 3D and 2D performance.

Operating System (OS) and applications
Unlike many other bars in this price range, Prestige Multi PMP5080B not use the Google OS, Android version 2.1 or 2.2. Rather, it is already using version 2.3.1 Android Gingerbread, including access to the Google Android market with now over 500,000 applications are available for Android devices.

Gingerbread Android 2.3-compatible video format WebM container and includes a SIP client for VoIP, among other things. PMP5080B significantly Multipad The benefits of this when playing full HD video, for example, because the tablet with the processor calculates the Rockchip RK2918 Prestige application. More on this in the "Performance" in the context of the review. Flash content: The PMP5080B also supports Adobe Flash 10.1.

House has developed a unique and well designed user interface (UI) for desktop apps and 8-inch Multi PMP5080B Android tablet. What may seem old hat in the hardcore geeks Android, Windows allows you to find the newcomers immediately their way around the tablet input. Thus, 20 icons arranged Logo Flat screen design and home tablet allows the user to use and take all the necessary capabilities in a fast, well-structured in two levels of navigation.

Thank you for easy navigation for large group categories, such as "Life," "Business" and "entertainment", while a novice can easily find digital "Guide", an email client, calendar, camera menu, or just a part of the game. In addition, the user is aware of status updates, such as the latest news, weather and time through the RSS widget House.

In addition to native applications for Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, even our PMP5080B have applications for the convenience of downloading and reading e-books, e-commerce programs, financial experts, Google Finance, Mail, and maps , contact management and personal calendars, games like Raging Thunder Lite and Angry Birds, a translator and a weather app, but also a player for music and video on the tablet of memory. Documents in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF files can be edited with the installed version of Office Suite Professional Edition 3.0 from mobile systems.

Video Performance
In fact, it should be the RK2918 chip rock big time, and therefore also that of the Multi PMP5080B Prestigio. The PMP5080B can handle should AVI, 3GP, MP4, RM, RMVB, FLV, MKV, MOV to 1080p, and also make movies in full HD without any problems. PMP5080B and is supposed to be able to play Flash content in HD and YouTube clip without stuttering. We will review this issue.

We begin our practice video sites performance tests with ARD and ZDF. They are filled with animated elements, and so we only torture multi PMP5080B with websites of television stations in Germany. Web sites need a little time to start, but PMP5080B not have any problems with the visible display and rendering of all web elements.

The PMP5080B addressing both and without hesitation. The next visit is made in the library of the ARD with the media, where we eat "Wilde Deutschland" (wild Germany) for a short time. No trace of the video stuttering here. The PMP5080B also plays clips seamlessly in the ZDF library - great.

Next stop: YouTube. Even YouTube clips in high definition is not a problem for the PMP5080B in the test. It rises gradually as PMP5080B, Rockchip RK2918 and the interior can show their strengths. We dare to try the clips in high definition 1080p. Unfortunately, the Internet connection, respectively, T-Online, disturbed our plan because the tablet several times to wait for data. Then, at night, we may record that PMP5080B can also play YouTube clips of 1080 without problems.

Later, we fed Flat Multi PMP5080B all types of films, a series of resolutions and bitrates. This includes the Nvidia PureVideo HD trailer for about 20 MB / sec and 1080p (60 Hz) video camera, 25 MB / s. We are not aware of the video jerking or stuttering during the game and film, and an HDMI connection to an external HD-TV. We PMP5080B did an excellent job in video playback. A simple compressed off the screen during an external TV HDMI is annoying.

Multi PMP5080B House has not proven to be a real benchmark game. However, some nice games, which should provide a pleasant recreational trips are included in the factory. Pre-installed racing game, Raging Thunder Lite (demo version) can be played without problems Flat Multi PMP5080B. However, the game is more modest in terms of quality games.

Angry Birds cult game, a collection of Solitaire Card and Free Chess are also included. But the game of Google Android Market, such as sci-fi shooter Star Legends and Lane Splitter, where the user more than some breeds of motorway traffic, it is fun to play PMP5080B.

System Noise
Also sensitive to the ears of the user is not annoyed when you work with Flat Multi PMP5080B. Not loud and noisy fan or hard drive noise - simply heavenly peace. Android tablet operates without a fan, so that the number is completely unobtrusive, even in a quiet environment.

We measured a maximum temperature of 32.9 degrees in the lower right corner of the screen after one hour of operation at full load in a climatic chamber maintained at a constant temperature of 23 degrees Celsius (front of the device).

The average of the nine fields of measurement is only 29.4 degrees Celsius warmer. The maximum temperature measured on the back (in the temperature range based on the highest temperature) is 38.2 degrees Celsius. The processor of the tablet is also found here, and the temperature was raised, it is normal due to construction. The average temperature of 30.6 degrees Celsius discreet.

Basically, you can comfortably read an eBook on the Prestigio multi PMP5080B without burning your fingers or lap times, even on long train journeys. The tablet shows no abnormalities or negative outliers, while the determination of emissions in the test lab. Power is also the temperature is perfectly acceptable with a maximum of 35 degrees - very good.

Reputation built on two small speakers on the part of the PMP5080B Multipad listening to music. As usual in this kind of device, the sensors that are unable to provide a solid foundation more solid, without differentiation. There is virtually no middle, slightly metallic and without any real low - the PMP5080B not sound better than the competition pills found in this price range. The user must use a headset, which can be connected to one side through a 3.5mm audio jack. The music of the headphone jack sounds good with our high quality Bose ear society in our ears.

Battery Life
Prestigio states a maximum range of 4 hours of video playback with lithium polymer battery with a capacity of 5400 mAh is used in the Multi PMP5080B. The tablet should last about six hours when the user PMP5080B as a music player for listening to favorite music. When we found in several trials, litotes Prestigio is quite exaggerated compared with the battery life PMP5080B. The works PMP5080B a condition much more battery than Prestigio specification indicates the test. But one thing after another.

In measuring performance, we chose to rock chips RK2918 power demand is about 400 mW at full load in the synthetic tests. In return, Rock Chip SoC RK2918 to load about 200 mW more realistic, such as video playback. But, depending on the used video codec and frame rate, this can also vary greatly in both directions (see photo).

Multipad PMP5080B screen consumes approx. 500 and 900 mW depending on the level of brightness. The power consumption of the tablet screen is 730 mW of average brightness. However, the measured velocities are taken with a pinch of salt than other practical tests show the battery life. No individual results can be considered as a real value. Representation at the table is very "hard" with excerpts from the relatively long time intervals.

Measuring results: Multi PMP5080B always need about 6 hours to recharge a battery 5400 mAh large. Multi PMP5080B average duration of 9 hours and 30 minutes to three in standby and active (!), WLAN (about 568 mW). PMP5080B reaches 9 hours and 15 minutes, after a video card. PMP5080B can play a video loop ARD media close to 6 hours (5:55).

House offers a solid introduction to low-cost Internet and multimedia area of ​​the Gingerbread Tablet PC Multi PMP5080B. When the battery life of up to 9.5 hours, all working with no problems, smooth playback of Full HD video and accurate color, high contrast, Multi PMP5080B is recommended, therefore, a multimedia all-round good value for money-compressed performance.

The Multipad PMP5080B quickly finds fans of the test. The tablet is comfortable to hold, in collaboration with the user interface designed by Prestige is easy with a touch screen response and easy navigation. Market access and Google Android applications pre-installed is a pleasure - the Multipad PMP5080B is a welcome companion computer.

However, the user will always find an alternative to checking email or social networks new, for example, through a hotspot access / WLAN, smartphone or laptop tethering WLAN hotspot router, since the pill is not compatible with UMTS. The basis for low light and extreme dependence on viewing angle, low RK2918 processor performance 3D games and memory configuration low tablet are the things that we find unpleasant in PMP5080B.

If the tablet Android 3.x optimized honeycomb, dual-core processor, fast Internet access through the latest 3G/UMTS and honeycomb applications are not a must-have, the Multipad PMP5080B is a model affordable entry to a current price from 199 €.

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