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Deviltech Fragbook Notebook Review

Devilish. Tech devil has a game machine attempting to 17 inches in its range called FragBook. The customer is treated with an Nvidia GTX 570 high-end graphics card at a competitive price of € 949. Read here if your notebook has the Smash Hits is made of things.

The company, based in Germany, Deviltech, specializes in the sale of notebooks configured. Enthusiastic players take a look at the homepage Deviltech eventually end up in the price Fragbook.

Despite the powerful graphics card, the Devil Tech 17-inch price tags, the device less than 1000 € (basic settings). Nvidia GeForce GTX 570 meters is a new, and so far, difficult to reach with the DirectX 11 accelerator intervals. However, unlike the video, we strongly recommend that you upgrade the processor and RAM. Dual-core CPU and two DDR3 GBS is the most modern high-end range. We recommend a combination of Core i7 i7 2630QM 2760QM and four or eight gigabytes of memory.

Many potential buyers are hesitant when it comes to choosing your hard drive. Array varies over the SSD, even hybrid models. It 'can also install two hard disks. Several variants are possible, the optical drive. Modern BluRay disc to build a DVD burner instead of the traditional elected (a player or a torch).

Standard, not the operating system. Devil Tech offers 32 and 64 of the version of Windows 7 Home Premium, Professional, and Ultimate. Customers can also choose the keyboard model. Basically, the price is right drawing. Hardly a producer who can serve the same way, a good deal.

Specifications Deviltech Fragbook :
  • Processor : Intel Core i7 2630QM 2 GHz
  • Mainboard : Intel HM67
  • Memory : 6144 MB, 3x 2048 MByte DDR3-SDRAM (1600 MHz)
  • Graphics adapter : NVIDIA GeForce GTX 570M - 1536 MB, Core: 575 MHz, Memory: 1500 MHz, Shadertakt: 1150 MHz, GDDR5-VRAM, ForceWare 268.90
  • Display : 17.3 inch 16:9, 1920x1080 pixel, Chi Mei N173HGE-L11 (CMO1720), LED backlight, Full-HD, glossy: no
  • Harddisk : Samsung HM500JJ, 500GB 7200rpm
  • Soundcard : Realtek ALC892 @ Intel Cougar Point PCH - High Definition Audio Controller
  • Connections : 3 USB 2.0, 2 USB 3.0, 1 VGA, 1 HDMI, 1 Kensington Lock, 1 eSata, Audio Connections: headphone, microphone, line out, line in, Card Reader: 4in1
  • Networking : Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller (10/100/1000MBit), Intel Centrino Wireless-N 130 (bgn), 2.1 Bluetooth
  • Optical drive : Optiarc DVD RW AD-7710H
  • Size : height x width x depth (in mm): 61 x 430 x 290
  • Weight : 3.692 kg Power Supply: 0.864 kg
  • Battery : 87 Wh Lithium-Ion, 7800 mAh, 11.1 V, 9 cells, 0.48 kg /1.1 lbs
  • Price : 1235 Euro
  • Operating System : Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium 64 Bit
  • Additional features : Webcam: 2.0 Megapixel, power adapter: 180 watts, quick start guide, driver & tool DVD, 24-36 Months Warranty

The case of 17 inches, many reasons for the debate. Notice will probably vary considerably, especially in terms of design and form. While some see the laptop, as chic and modern, others consider the device to be lively and modern. If the unit sounds familiar, it was based on more or less just built MSI GT780R.

Devil Tech uses a discreet black for colors. However, silver-gray elements, such as an unusual form of the speaker grills, set one of the highlight. The device is not very prone to blur thanks to Matt surfaces. Only a glossy screen bezel and the glossy surface of the keyboard to show to collect dust.

17-inch high-quality equipment to convey a strong impression. Similarly most of the competitors, the case is made of plastic. However, the quality of work is satisfactory and, with the exception of the keyboard, all components are in a fairly smooth transition.

Moreover, the case has good stability. In addition to the ventilation openings (below) and the speaker nearby, the case takes place only under high pressure. The cover can be folded easily and the hinges are not perfect either.

For one thing, the need to open a lot of strength and the other, are the hinges are not completely silent. At the base is down when you open. The FragBook is not really suited to be a portable companion. The case is relatively large and heavy (about 6 cm (2.4 ") high and 3.7 kg (8.2 lbs) of body weight).


Besides the ExpressCard slot and FireWire port no, we loved everything about the range of interfaces. Especially the left side and back are well equipped. External monitors are supplied with hardware analog or digital video (VGA and HDMI). It is also possible to use a surround sound system with four audio ports.

Five USB ports (2x USB 3.0) is too generous. Few want to connect multiple devices. There is also a card reader, Kensington lock and an eSATA port. We can not really complain about the distribution of the interface. Since the main ports are located at the rear, the side regions are free to the greatest extent.

A wireless module is included at no extra cost. Our test unit was equipped with an Intel Centrino Wireless N-130 (2.4 GHz). It supports WLAN b / g / n and Bluetooth 2.1. Bigfoot Killer N option is superior in terms of software and features, but does not include Bluetooth.

Devil Tech happily expose themselves to control the software preloaded. Portable gaming is free of bloatware. Simply the most important software producer. The so-called "Eco Mode" is worthy of note. It can be activated via the Fn combo and set the screen brightness and power options for different scenarios, such as "office", "movie" or "game".

Delivery is rather modest. In addition to a compact power supply 180 watts and a strong 9-cell battery, Deviltech only includes a quick start guide and a DVD with the pilot and the toolbox.

The standard warranty is valid for 24 months. The warranty can be extended to three years for an additional € 150.

Input Devices

Power supplies were only satisfactorily. We start with the keyboard, which is dedicated to NUMPAD, free-standing keys (14x14 mm / 0.5 "x 0.5") and the feeling of comfortable typing. Volume control and brightness significantly in combination with the arrow keys - a good idea.

In return, the manufacturer should not have tried a new layout. The "<>" key and "#" key does not exist in their usual places. The only rowed "enter" will also get used to. Good-sounding noise and write the extra light is omitted negatives.

The touchpad is one of the major drawbacks of Fragbook. The mouse responds rather vague and elastic. Gestures supported (zoom, scroll and rotation) often respond late or not at all. Meanwhile, the mouse buttons are annoying indefinitely due to its high pressure resistance.

But again, the touchpad is not a total failure after all. The size (83x47 mm / 3.3 "X1.9") and the ratio of good reviews and the ability to glide (slightly rough surface) is indicated on the professional side. The option to disable also received praise.

Twinning strong guts, a complete model of high-definition LED backlight is used to screen (16:9). 1920x1080 pixels does not only provide a clear picture, but also allow the practical use of multiple windows.

Since the price is quite low, given the high-performance components, we predicted that the screen quality would be poor. But far from it: CMO1720 mounted display can be very good to compete in an external monitor.

Little Black Book (0.32 cd/m2), the dark areas do not fade to gray - unlike many competing products. The brightness is great. Only a few devices exceed 300 cd/m2. Overall, this leads to a very good contrast of 988:1. The colors make a strong impression, despite the matte finish. Games and movies come to life.

The main advantage of the screen surface is not a low sensitivity and reflexes. External use would not change the stress test for the eyes. And 'possible to spend an hour or more with a balcony or garden, without the ADO. Glossy screens have already annoying internal reflections.

Another bonus is the angle of view well. Change the first image of large deviations. It is a movie night with friends beautiful as possible without any problems. All we have to criticize about the screen is grainy image reproduction. Homogeneous surfaces rough appearance when you look closely.

Processor: Intel Core i7-2630QM
Not surprisingly, the Devil is based on the latest technology of Intel processors Sandy Bridge. The buyer can choose from two four-core i5 model has the popular Core i7 area. Our test sample was equipped at the cheapest quad-core model, the Core i7 2630QM.

A standard clock of 2.0 GHz may seem small at first glance. However, it can be automatically overclocked to 2.9 GHz using a technology called Turbo Boost (assuming sufficient cooling). 995 million transistors and a six-MB L3 cache is not bad.

In addition, some applications benefit from Hyper-Threading. It supports all physical counterpart of the virtual kernel. Thus, four new cores are available, and the Core i7 2630QM can handle up to eight threads simultaneously.

In addition, the integrated Intel graphics chip, called HD Graphics, 3000, Sandy Bridge processors (not used Fragbook). Processors manufactured in 32nm process. Note: 2630QM probably be replaced by Core i7 i7 2670QM in the near future.

CPU performance
As this comparison shows Sandy Bridge, most games are limited by the graphics card and processor. However, we recommend using a quad-core model, because their future security. We examined whether it is worth upgrading a Core i7-i7 2630QM first 2760QM (for Schenker XMG P701 PRO) in Cinebench R10, among other benchmarks.

Core i7 2760QM clearly lead to one of the core activities (loaded with a core only). 5471-4598 points to more than 19%. Both the nuclei close to each other multi-core rendering. The difference now is 15% of 19747-17219 points. Last R11.5 Cinebench shows a similar relationship. While the Core i7 CPU to reach 2760QM score is 5.63 points, Core i7 is pleased 2630QM 4.9 points (-13%).

Video Card: Nvidia GeForce GTX 570M
Deviltech hit a major run with the GeForce GTX 570M. Nvidia DirectX 11 graphics card brand new to close the huge gap between high-end models, GTX GTX 560M and 580M. Specifications, however, may favor the GPU and then another.

GF114-based chip (Fermi), the GeForce GTX 570 out of 336 of the 384 shaders enabled devices possible (GTX 560M: 192). The clock frequencies are located at 575 MHz (core) 1150 MHz (shader) and 1500 MHz (memory).

For comparison: While the GTX 580 GTX 620/1240/1500 MHz operating at 560 MHz running at 775/1550/1250. Same GTX 560M, the memory interface has a width of 192 bits (GTX 580: 256 bits). Depending on configuration, size GDDR5 VRAM is 1536 or 3072 MB Memory bandwidth is 72.0 GB / s.

Nvidia wins the respect of the many supported features. The graphics card is not only transmit a high definition image, but also a full surround sound signal through HDMI - integrated HD audio controller. HD Videos accelerated with the help of video decoder called "VP4" and therefore, the CPU is greatly relieved.

In addition, it is possible to enable the prolonged effects physics (PhysX) in some games. The modified material can also be enjoyed in the third dimension (3D Vision) with accessories (glasses and a 120Hz monitor). The slightly older ForceWare 268.0 GPU driver was preinstalled in our test sample.

GPU performance
We wanted to focus on performance in DirectX 11 graphic organizers. The FragBook so good in the air demanding Unigine 2.1 benchmark (1280x1024, high, standard tessellation). With 32.5 fps, the GeForce GTX 570 places in front of his younger brother, GTX 560M (27.6 fps @ MSI GT780R), with 17%. Unlike the GTX 570 can not hold a candle to the current reference. The GTX 580 000 000 costs nearly 40% faster (44.3 fps @ Schenker XMG P501).

The differences in growth slightly in 3DMark 11 (1280x720, setting "Performance", GPU score). With 2141 points, the GTX 570 meters is 18% more than the GTX 560M (1820 points), but 31% behind the GTX 580M (3110 points).

HDD performance
As mentioned at the beginning, Fragbook up to two hard drives (HDD, SSD or hybrid models). Deviltech installed a 500 GB hard drive Samsung HM500JJ, model in our test sample. Performance is a fast pace at least because of its high speed (7200 rpm). It could result in a transfer rate of 86.6 MB / s, and a rate of 15.5 ms access with the tool, HDTune.

Naturally, the hard drive can not keep up with the technologies of solid state drive. SSD in the general data transfer access time 200 MB / s of less than 0.4 ms. Load times are relatively short and the boot process is also faster with an SSD. The biggest drawback is still the current high prices. A gigabyte is much smaller hard drives. Fortunately, you can easily change the hard drive at any time.

System Performance
Because a solid state drive is not used, the performance of the system lags behind its possibilities. PCMark Vantage score of 8838 is very striking. Many devices have the same score. So Asus VX7-SZ062V (2630QM Core i7, Geforce GTX 460) 8675 points, for example. Our reference is to score Schenker XMG P701 Pro (Core i7 2760QM, Geforce 6990M). 20113 points out of reach for most laptops. The FragBook still managed 11 points in PCMark 2446

Gaming Performance

Wie wir testen - Leistung
GeForce GTX 570 meters had to deal with the house-competitive, that is, the GTX 560M (MSI GT780R) and GTX 580M (Schenker XMG P501)

Crysis 2
The First Person Shooter is ideal for putting a laptop in a stress test drive. The GTX 570 is a very difficult time with high resolution textures, DirectX 11 patch and "Ultra" settings. 18 fps is equal to an image structure very jerky. The chassis increased significantly without DirectX 11 and high resolution textures. We evaluated 25.9 fps 1920x1080 pixels and when the "Extreme" was used.

Popular GTX 560M is equally difficult. 19.4 FPS are very far from a game. These settings for the first time, reasonably acceptable to the Radeon HD 6990M or GeForce GTX 580M. The second test was 34.1 fps. Fragbook should not be higher than the "very high".

Dirt 3
The flagship of the game Codemasters race that brings the GeForce GTX 570 meters to the limit. Frame Rate 27.5 fps settled in a built-in milestone 1920x1080 pixels, 4x anti-aliasing (MSAA) and "Ultra" for details - is bad. While the GeForce GTX 560M after 15% (23.3 fps), the GeForce GTX 580M faster processes at all, 61% (44.2 fps). But it is not necessary to abandon the beautiful graphics - Dirt 3 can enjoy a smooth anti-aliasing, when the "High" is selected.

Call of Duty: Black Ops
The success of the first-person shooter from developer Tryarch FragBook can not interfere. The frame rate is comfortably high, even in 1920x1080 pixels, four times the antialiasing, anisotropic filtering eight times and "Extra" is used. With 68.6 fps, the GeForce GTX 570 GTX 560M advance of 7% (64 fps) and 21% behind the GTX 580 (87.3 fps). Also, would level the GT graphics card with 555 million maximum for sufficient air.

Starcraft 2
Users are fully equipped for intensive multi-player battles of StarCraft 2 with GeForce GTX 570M. 1920x1080 pixels and the establishment of "Ultra" has presented an average of 42.2 frames per second - a good result. The GeForce GTX 580M retaken a clear advantage. 58.8 fps equates to a 39% increase. Instead, a more attractive price to be satisfied GTX 560M (still playing) 35.2 fps.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2
The first-person shooter "Bad Company 2," released in 2010, not a big problem for Fragbook. The GeForce GTX 570M can have high detail, 4x and 8x anisotropic filtering quite smooth. The tool, Fraps, calculated 40.1 fps at native resolution. In view of 34.3 fps, the GeForce GTX 560M is clearly a difficult time with these values ​​(14%). First place is occupied by the GeForce GTX 580M (50.9 fps).

Gaming Performance Verdict
GeForce GTX 570 is the overall performance of the game is impressive. Although it is not always sufficient for the maximum detail in the HD native resolution, high detail normally used. Most of the games tested ran smoothly, even with antialiasing enabled.

However, the GeForce GTX 570 meters there is no chance against the reference design from Nvidia. Ultimately, it is a plus of 35%, and the GTX 580M. At the same time, the GTX 560M is often installed in high-end notebook left behind by 15%. Tech devil would not have been able to wring out power game more targeted price. Fragbook is a good thing the players sparingly.


System Noise
Besides the unreliability of the touchpad and the case is quite large and heavy development of high noise FragBook third big mistake. The laptop is not exactly quiet already pending. Sometimes the fan runs at a very perceptible.

As usual for gaming laptops, it generates a noise so loud that can easily drown game scenes quiet in the office. The FragBook even almost broke the 50 dB (A)-tagged full load. In addition, our test sample emitted a buzzing noise nuisance under load. The Devil Tech, this problem was eliminated in the meantime, and should not be reflected in the final production models.

We also recommend using the fan control (above the keyboard) because the fan also works perfectly, without increasing its speed. However, this function can be interesting for overclockers.

September is unlikely to appeal in terms of temperatures. Case, the wrist support has hit us very clean. Front of the notebook remained below 30 ° C (86F) under full load. In the vicinity of the fan becomes much hotter under load, but not exceeding 39 ° C (102.2F) are perfectly acceptable. Most gaming notebooks to get a case of much higher temperatures above 50 ° C (122F), it is rare.

Stress test (Furmark & ​​Prime) does not come with unpleasant surprises. The graphics card and processor remained below 90 ° C (194F) as Hardware Monitor utility. No limitation has been recorded. The FragBook run fairly stable during the trial period. Thus, the cooling system seems to be sufficient for high-end components.

The high quality sound system-2.1 is good enough for the conditions of the laptop. The depth locations were successful, because the built-in subwoofer. Both speakers marker with a large volume limit. Even so, it could have been.

Compared with a full sound system, the sound seems a bit dull, clear and synthetic. If possible, the user must connect external speakers. Very good stereo models are available for less than € 50. Users who want a good speaker might take a liking to the Asus G74 Toshiba Qosmio X770 o.

Battery life
Of course, high-end components are not exactly easy on energy. 21.4 to 34.7 watts (idle), respectively, from 115.7 to 192.6 watts (peak), typical of a portable high-end gaming. A comparison: the Eurocom Racer (Core i7 2720QM), equipped with a GeForce 6970M, uses a little more sleep, and a little less under load.

Despite the 9-cell battery (87 Wh, 7,800 mAh), the execution times are fairly common. When the 17-inch laptop is put under load and the maximum brightness is set, the user will have to face a black screen after one hour.

The laptop has a much longer duration in the less demanding tasks. Our DVD test lasted two hours and fifteen minutes. A wireless Internet connection was kept standing for two hours and forty-five minutes. The battery life further enhances the brightness minimum and maximum energy saving options. We could squeeze about five hours outside the Fragbook in good condition. Some gaming laptops have been exhausted, even after two hours in standby mode.

Devil Tech has created a very interesting game FragBook platform. The case of 17 inches are not necessarily the most compact and lightest in its class, but he can score with good connectivity and resilient, matte black surfaces.

The high quality screen is the single biggest selling point. Brightness, contrast, black and courage are without a doubt. As an anti-glare screen, the Fragbook can even be used outdoors. Another reason would be to buy the outstanding performance.

Nvidia GeForce GTX 570M makes new games without problems, even in small details; Intel Core i7-2630QM offers high security with future quad-core. Players do not have to worry about the temperature here: The case of surfaces and components are not excessively hot.

In return, the input devices leaves us with mixed feelings. The unconventional design keyboard is annoying, the touch screen has proven to be extremely meticulous. The 17-inch laptop loss of more ranking points for the high noise level (this is true for almost all gaming laptops). The fan is quiet, except during loading, noise sensitive users is preferable to look around for an alternative.

In general, we Deviltech pat on the back. You really expect much more of the disadvantages of a solid portable gaming and fair price.

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