Friday, August 12, 2011

Lenovo IdeaPad S205 (Fusion) Review

Lenovo is one of the best places with its IdeaPad S205 (M632HGE) in the battle for the best subnotebooks. At the very least. When we look at the version of FreeDOS with some 250 GB hard drive and 1024 MB of RAM (M632GGE) This package goes on the counter for 260 euros.

It is nearly level and cheapest netbook AMD Fusion E-350, 11.6 inches on the market today. It is only cheaper by a weak C-30 and C-50 APU in the Asus Eee PC, 1015BX (eg 1015B). As we were in no mood to install Windows drivers typically annoying Lenovo ', only the "deluxe" version, S205 (M632HGE), with 3072 MB RAM, 320 GB hard drive and Windows 64-bit came into question for us. So, it costs € 370. But: The difference between scoring and low-end luxury is low. Almost all specifications in this study also apply to the purchase IdeaPad S205 (M632GGE).

Specifications Lenovo IdeaPad S205-M632HGE :
  • Processor : AMD E-Series E-350 1.6 GHz
  • Mainboard : AMD A50M
  • Memory : 3072 MB, 1024+2048
  • Graphics adapter : AMD Radeon HD 6310 - 384 MB, Core: 200 MHz, Memory: 533 MHz, DirectX 11, Shader 5.0, UVD3, 8.792.3.0
  • Display : 11.6 inch 16:9, 1366x768 pixel, CMO N116B6-L02, glossy: yes
  • Harddisk : Hitachi HTS543232A7A384, 320GB 5400rpm
  • Soundcard : HD Audio
  • Connections : 3 USB 2.0, 1 VGA, 1 HDMI, 1 Kensington Lock, Audio Connections: line out, microphone, Card Reader: 6in1 card reader,
  • Networking : Realtek PCIe FE Family Controller (10/100MBit), Atheros AR9285 Wireless Network Adapter (bgn), 2.1+EDR Bluetooth
  • Size : height x width x depth (in mm): 29 x 270 x 168
  • Weight : 1.414 kg Power Supply: 0.152 kg
  • Battery : 48 Wh Lithium-Ion, 6 cells
  • Price : 399 Euro
  • Operating System : Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium 64 Bit
  • Additional features : Webcam: 0.3MP, 24 Months Warranty.
The work surface is made of plastic with fine longitudinal striations. This makes the palm rest is comfortable and slip at the same time. The battle is won by fingerprint. But not so on the bezel and the surface of the TFT, because they are made of shiny plastic.

The black cover with a pattern-shaped box is a little eye-catcher and very stable (test strain). Slight pressure applied to the surface of the cover requires only to be divested. The stability of the building looks good. The wrist rest area above the keys and the bottom fits perfectly and does not give anyone else.

We really like the background is the surface smooth. There is no cover for the exchange of the hard drive or memory. Same as the U160 even built (photos 4-6), the bottom plate removed after removing many screws. The components of memory and hard drive can still be changed. There are instructions for this in the manual.

The base plate can be lifted after the complete elimination some screws, using the keyboard and removing more screws. Slots 2.5-inch hard disk, DDR3 RAM and two are below. The hinges are tight. Thus, the screen remains in place in any position.

The lid slightly unsteady hub on unstable ground (by train or car trip). The hinges have a good angle of almost 145 degrees. The hinges have a stop in the clear position and leave the lid to falter in their final position.

The force that keeps the top and bottom closed, thank you to roughly two magnets in the palm rest (test clip) and part of the screen. But it is not enough. The lid opens two inches when held upside down.  

Lenovo has a 11.6-inch dual-core with an APU, and AMD-350 (2x1.6 GHz). Accelerated Processing Unit (18 watts TDP) was included in the graphics department for DirectX 11 and UVD3 video decoder for HD video (MPEG-2, H.264, VC-1). 80 shaders, the Radeon HD 6310 is more than a game with the Intel HD 3000 (12 shaders), or the GMA 3150 (2 shaders, Atom netbooks).

The APU E-350 has a single L2 cache 1024 Kbs. Both cores Bobcat higher than the Atom N550 same clock speed double heart with the implementation of the order. The core is the AMD chip set and is accompanied by A50M DDR2 RAM 3072. Upgrade to 4 GB can make money through two small slots of RAM (about 25 euros).

Core i3 low voltage or Atom dual core subnotebooks alternatives have the advantage of hyper threading cores four computers. E-350 can simultaneously calculate multitasking operations performed on two cores, but that "in order".

Advantage or disadvantage for multitasking operations? It is the reference multi-core Cinebench R10 32 bit, to inform us. The S205 achieves 1960 points. A 1463 Atom N550 which points. The N550 is slower by an average of 30%. A 380UM i3 manages, despite a drop clock, 33,553 points (Intel Edge 11).

AMD Fusion APU C-50 (on E125) can not follow at all here. It has an average score of 1279 points. E-350 carries only 1030 points in single-core in Cinebench R10 32bit simple calculations.

Thus, despite the 1.6 GHz is slower than APU 380UM reaching 1.33 GHz with 1268 points. The Atom N550 that just when 512 points were again defeated. As the C-50 APU: ~ 655 points.

The reference points of the synthetic CPU just let the E-350 AMD look quite the opposite of Intel dual-core Atom. This will allow Windows users to notice? PCMark Vantage PCMark use and 7, which controls all components, including DDR3 RAM, hard drive and graphics card. 2259 points, respectively, 867 points are tight, however, typical results of fusion APU.

Although scores are higher than in netbooks with a C-50 (1647 / 766, Edge E125) or Atom N550 (1671 / -, Samsung NF310), they are well below a i3-380UM (3619 / - Edge 11) and i5-2410M (5778/1594 points, the HP EliteBook 2560p).

The Edge 11 with an AMD K345, so basically merge field progresses, is slightly better than the S205 with 2409/1003 points. 7 PCMark scores were not recorded for all test units. In short: After the markers are S205 system is much slower (38%) than systems 380UM i3, but still measurably faster than the Intel Atom dual core.

Copying or slightly longer installation time are scored subjectively. Fusion is fast acceptable for the simultaneous operation of several facilities and copying. Perceived speed is better than a dual core Intel Atom.

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