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Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet 18382DG Tablet/MID Review

Enterprise slimline. This 10-inch supplement with IPS existing, 1280 image, wireless, GPS and 3G switch, and 64 GB SSD should pleasure Lenovo’s ThinkPad usage. The price: 666 Dollars. He display? Unfortunately not. But: a digitizer pen!

When you think of pills, you probably first think of the The apple company iPad 2, the Samsung Motorola xoom or the Asus Transformer. But from now on, you should keep in mind this name too: the Lenovo ThinkPad supplement (model 18382 DG). Why? It’s quite simple: everything those pills can do, the Lenovo supplement can also do - and more.

Specifications Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet 18382DG :
  • Processor : NVIDIA Tegra 250 1 GHz @ 1 GHz
  • Memory : 1024 MB, LPDDR2
  • Graphics adapter : unknown
  • Display : 10.1 inch 16:10, 1280x800 pixel, IPS-Panel mit Corning Gorilla Glas, capacitive 6-finger multitouch panel, glossy: yes
  • Harddisk : 64 GB - SSD, 64GB
  • Connections : 1 USB 2.0, 1 HDMI, Audio Connections: 1 headphone output, Card Reader: Full-size reader (SD, SDHC, MMC)
  • Networking : AzureWave Wireless Network Adapter 802.11 b/g/n (bgn), 2.0 Bluetooth, 3G/UMTS Modem (Ericsson)
  • Optical drive : -
  • Size : height x width x depth (in mm): 14 x 58,4 x 181,7
  • Weight : 0.75 kg
  • Battery : 24.1 Wh Lithium-Polymer, 3250 mAh
  • Price : 666 Euro
  • Operating System : Android 3.1
  • Additional features : Webcam: 720p-HD, Pen Digitizer, App Store access, Google Map, Navigations App, Office to Go, Amazon Kindle, Angry Birds HD, 1 Jahr Lenovo Bring-in Months Warranty, GPS receiver

The ThinkPad supplement is using the Nvidia Tegra 2, which operates with a swiftness of 1 GHz and has 1 MB of RAM. Moreover the ThinkPad supplement is outfitted with wireless, GPS party and a 3G/ UMTS switch. The challenging disk in our design is a nice 64 GB.

That should be enough to begin with. It creates identical pills like the Samsung Motorola xoom or the The S1, with their platform stage of built in recollection space at 32 and 16 GB respectively, look essentially tightfisted.

The Lenovo tablet’s recollection space can also be enhanced using standard SD display recollection space credit charge cards. For the existing, Lenovo has not gone for any old inexpensive section, but has selected an IPS existing with a display angled of 10.1 in.. And with the image too, Lenovo has not created any compromises; in this system it is 1280 x 800 pixels.

And the Lenovo ThinkPad supplement has still more to offer: for example, a excellent cost. With the specifications known as above, the pills expenditures around 666 Dollar at the moment (high road cost such as tax, as of 1/10/2011). In the Lenovo web go shopping the 64 GB design expenditures 749 Dollars such as tax.

Visually, the Lenovo ThinkPad supplement is instantly stunning. With size of 14 x 58.4 x 181.7 mm it is not one of the slimmest pills, and so originally this indicates rather heavy. You also have to have a excellent grasp on it because of its weight; at 750 g, the ThinkPad is not exactly the least heavy supplement around. To compare: the iPad 2 weighs only 613 g, although the Samsung Motorola xoom is just like the Lenovo at 730 g.

The case is dark-colored all over, and for the materials the maker has decided entirely for plastic material. This has the problem that the back of the supplement can quickly be sent inwards. Occasionally the two components of the situation take care of creak if you media too challenging on the supplement. We would have estimated a somewhat more excellent first perception from something with the ThinkPad marketing.

Around the 10.1 in. present, Lenovo has eventually left lots of room for having the supplement. Four relatively large keys endure out and put one in mind of a harmonium. These are not just touch-sensitive keys, as with many other supplement versions, but real technical keys, almost like those on a key pad.

As far as places are worried, the Lenovo device provides everything you need on a supplement. Almost all the places are in the center of the right-hand aspect (in landscape designs format). Amongst them are a mini-HDMI position, a micro-USB position, a system for an suggested docking place and the earphone result. Below a take care of you can find an SD card position (in the industry-standard SD format) as well as a SIM card position. On lack of is the position for the digitizer pen and the musician swap for amount.

The mini-HDMI position is able to produce a FullHD image (1080p).

On the feet there is, behind a little moving home, a USB coordinator position for exterior USB pushes, cameras or recollection space stays. External challenging disks which never have their own power can also be attached via this position. The on/off option is the only factor on the top aspect.

The Lenovo supplement can be energized only using the micro-USB position, which can also be used for trading information with a PC or laptop computer. Under Windows 7 and Windows Landscape, the ThinkPad is instantly accepted as a detachable challenging drive. The information swiftness was around 25 MB/s, which is within the typical variety for a USB 2.0 position.

For attaching to a business, family or online system, there are three opportunities available in the Lenovo tablet: as well as WLAN (b/g/n standard) and Wireless 2.0, the ThinkPad supplement can also go to the world wide web via the incorporated 3G-compatible swap and a corresponding SIM card. The company for the SIM can be easily selected. The inner swap can handle GSM, 3G and HSPA in the consistency varies of 850, 900, 1800 and 1900 MHz.

Connecting to a hotspot or visiting into an entry way is simple and can quickly be changed with using on-board means. The party was excellent on typical, and the variety was also effective.

As a special function, the Lenovo supplement can work as a wireless hotspot. But, only if it is managing over a 3G (UMTS) system. The initial of the also is carried out using WPA/ WPA2-PSK security or without it.

GPS / Navigation
The Lenovo ThinkPad supplement is also installed with a GPS device. With information gotten from tv, it can be used as a navigational instrument. The appropriate application - other than speech result - is pre-installed. The Text2Speech applications are available for no cost in the Operating-system mobile phone app retail keep. The routing application will depend on map articles from The search engines Charts and can show landscape designs or tv landscapes if preferred as well as the road maps.

Once the Text2Speech app is set up, guidelines for shifting route (‘Please convert around’ or ‘Turn eventually left at the next set of lights’) can be send out by the tablet’s little speakers.

The GPS device, however, only works after a long search for the GPS tv. It took more than an time for the supplement to document that it had GPS reception; and in homes with replacement windows, no GPS transmission could be gotten. The GPS information can be used along with The search engines Charts or Permission amongst other things. Both applications are pre-installed.

The ThinkPad supplement is covered by Computrace Determination engineering from Utter Software, which is pre-installed and already triggered on introduction. Once the application has been triggered, the Computrace engineering makes a lasting system to the ThinkPad supplement as soon as it is revealed as missing or missing.

Using this engineering you can secure it, get rid of information and call up other security and control features place. Moreover, McAfee Cellular Stability is pre-installed. This contains McAfee VirusScan Cellular, McAfee WaveSecure and McAfee SiteAdvisor for Operating-system mobile phone, which not only safeguards the supplement from cell phone infections and malware, but also allows you to search the web properly. The supplement can also be covered using a code on start-up and an manager code.

Delivered no cost along with the supplement, you get a charging adaptor and the USB wire that goes with it, and also in-ear headsets and a little purple velvet body. The digitizer pen is an suggested equipment that expenditures 30 Dollars. There should also be a docking place available for the supplement quickly, which will price around 50 Dollars.

The producers manufacturer's warranty for Lenovo is 12 several weeks, and can be prolonged to up to three decades for an additional price. A manufacturer's warranty that features ThinkPad Protection (includes harm due to a drop, built water or an power surge) expenditures 130 Dollars. For three decades of this assistance, you pay 246 Dollars.

Knowledge Devices
Inputting textual content, web covers or paperwork is usually done using the exclusive key pad, which seems to be when necessary. The QWERTZ key pad then requires up 50 % of the present, and can handle all signs. As with a cell cellphone, additional characters pop up when they are available, like the characters ÄÜÖ for example.

The information are recognized with a noticeable wait, which is particularly recognizable when you are composing swiftly. If you convert off predictive textual content, the characters are recognized immediately after the input. 

Entering textual content via ‘Swype’, as we were able to on the Dell Ability, is not recognized on this key pad for the Lenovo supplement. But you can function around this using retrofitting key pad applications that can be downloadable from the App Retail keep.

On the Lenovo ThinkPad supplement you see four keys of modify styles on the right-hand aspect, next to the present. These allow you to swiftly access to the major list, start up the web internet visitor, modify present positioning, and come back to the earlier present or software.

The stage of responsive reply on the keys is not on the outside, but in towards the present. This is expected to reduce random forces of the keys. Actually, the keys are (almost) unnecessary, as all these features always appear at the end eventually left in the Managing program mobile cellphone operating-system (3.1).

There are seven alerts at function in the Lenovo supplement, which identify information about its area, positioning, or magnet area, for example. The activity indicator (gyroscope) flows the three axes of the supplement (x, y and z axes), which can be used in games (for example) for managing the on-screen personality or car.

Another indicator, operating via the incorporated web photographic camera, picks up lighting style effects circumstances and so can instantly adapt the perfection of the present to go with.

Digitizer Pen
As an additional indicates of input aside from your hands and fingers, Lenovo provides a port stylus pen in the appearance of a ball-point pen. The ‘Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet Digitizer Pen’, to provide it its entire headline, can first of all be used to management the supplement. Secondly, with the appropriate app (My Piece of software Notes Mobile) the digitizer pen can be used for composing on the touch-sensitive exterior of the ThinkPad. The pen expenditures around 30 Dollars.

It even has its own position in the tablet; it important quickly into place so that it does not move out of its own union and is always prepared to be found when necessary.

If you create with the pen within of the app, the published thoughts are modified into textual content using hand writing acceptance. The textual content can also be modified using the pen; characters or whole thoughts can be removed (struck out), transferred, or divided and put again together.

The composing experience was very pleasurable, and its effectiveness was good. The app’s managing is excellent. For newbies, there is a shorter movie located on the supplement, which however only starts to take care of the variety of features offered by the app and the digitizer pen. We were not able to find a sketching software like the one on the HTC Leaflet for example.

Speech recognition
As well as input via the laptop key pad and digitizer pen, the Lenovo supplement also can handle presentation input. The spoke concept is evaluated and viewed to the customer with various possible understanding.

The presentation acceptance operates very well, if you talk gradually and clearly. Our variety from it during examining was around 50 cm. As a analyze concept, we used the web deal with of our website, such as the dot, i.e. As you can see from the following images, the effectiveness was not so higher to start with. Only once we talked the url more gradually into the tablet’s mic did the effectiveness become very higher, enabling the deal with to be taken on by the internet visitor.

The 10.1-inch Lenovo supplement is installed with two digital cameras as normal. The entrance photographic camera with a 2 MP image has been placed by Lenovo in the left-hand part of it (when you carry the supplement in landscape designs orientation). This is particularly well suitable for communicating over Skype or vvOvv (video chat). On the again you can find a 5 MP electronic camera with move features (digital), but without a built-in present.

Both digicams are used immediately using the 10.1-inch present. As well as photographs in a highest possible image of 2592 x 1944, movies can be noted. Photos are stored in jpg structure.

The analyze images display our analyze design in each situation, one without move, one with a zoom of 2.5, and once with the highest possible that the contact can generate. For a immediate assessment, look at the same image chance with a Brother Powershot photographic camera and a contemporary supplement photographic camera.

The entrance photographic camera (webcam) is also able to take pictures/ files (photos and videos). The contact of the web photographic camera, however, has no move and no present.

When it comes to the present, Lenovo has created the fantastic decision of a high-quality IPS section which is also enhanced with ‘Corning Gorilla Glass’. The capacitive touchscreen display has a WXGA image (1280 x 800). The 10.1-inch touchscreen display can duplicate 16.7 thousand colors with a pixel solidity of 166 DPI.

The exterior of the IPS present is (unfortunately) shiny, as with all other supplement PCs of any be aware that are currently available. Demonstrated pictures of yourself or your natural environment appear in almost every circumstance. The insights are only decreased in dark areas or in the evening.

Using the HDMI slot put on the aspect of it, the display items can also be moved to an exterior present (FullHD, 1920 x 1080).

The Lenovo tablet’s color imitation seems very vivid to the exposed eye. Our dimensions create a highest possible perfection of 363 cd/m². The perfection only drops off clearly in the top eventually left part. Here we tested ‘only’ 287 cd/m² (76 cd/m² less). The display’s submission of perfection is 79%; the normal perfection for this present is 324.5 cd/m².

The dark-colored stage was tested by us to be 0.48 cd/m². With this we were able to figure out a comparison rate of 763:1 in the middle present place.

Outdoors and in natural light, the IPS present does have its issues, first of all with perfection and secondly with the shiny exterior complete. The display items, however, could always be created out even in natural light.

Lenovo details a looking at direction of 178º in its complex features for this supplement. This is obtained through the panel’s IPS engineering. We could only validate this in our testing: the items of the IPS display were clearly obvious in almost every location, with excellent comparison.

Even at incredibly smooth aspects, we could still create out the display items clearly, without the image inverting or cleansing out. It is very quickly obvious that Lenovo has used a top-quality present section. The only waste is that the present does not have a he complete.

The Lenovo ThinkPad supplement, as with almost all other contemporary Android-based pills, contains a Tegra 2 (ARM v7) CPU made by Nvidia. The Tegra 2, a so-called ‘system on a chip’ component (SoC), functions the mixed abilities of a dual-core ARM Cortex-A9 CPU, GeForce Design (ULP-GPU), 1 GB of RAM and a audio card.

Also in the Tegra-2 nick are two devoted sensible models for the deciphering and selection of movies. The decoder can handle all three Display movie types, H.264, Sorenson and VP6-E.

The Tegra 2 brand in this supplement also comes with a highest possible time swiftness of 1000 MHz. With regards to the software used, the CPU can slowly down to as low as 266 MHz. For graphics-intensive games (‘Angry Wildlife Rio’ or ‘GRave Defense’) or for enjoying a H.264 submit, on the other hand, the Tegra 2 is pushed and so offers the highest possible swiftness of 1000 MHz in these assessments. With the ‘CPU Spy’ app we mostly tested time rates of speed of between 216 and 608 MHz with the Lenovo (alongside the 1 GHz), with the supplement favouring 216 MHz.

The benefits of the diverse swiftness is that less energy is necessary for the cheaper time rates of speed, creating longer power supply overall.

The components in the Lenovo supplement shows in a a large variety of criteria that it has nothing to be humiliated of as opposed to its challenges.

In the Browsermark analyze, the Lenovo supplement is one of the top scorers, leapfrogging over all 7-inch pills examined by us so far. Of the competition in the 10-inch training, only the New samsung Motorola xoom and the New samsung Whole world Tab obtained better. The 8.9-inch LG supplement (Optimus V900) also bested it.

The result of the ‘Google V8’ normal placed the Lenovo supplement once again amongst the top 5 devices; it only had to confess conquer to the New samsung xoom (Motorola), Optimus (LG) and Transformer (Asus).

In the Linpack Pro analyze the Lenovo rose up to third place with 39.451 MFlops, overtook only by the New samsung Whole world Tab 10.1v and the HTC Leaflet.

The Lenovo supplement could only handle 1669 information in the ‘Quadrant’ (standard) normal, placing it substantially below all the pills we’ve examined earlier. Saying the normal did not carry any development.

The tablet’s ranking in Smartbench 2011 was enough to put it in the top 5 again (productivity test). In the game enjoying catalog, the Lenovo supplement was second only to the New samsung Motorola xoom. This was only 300 information forward.

In the Sunspider normal, the Lenovo supplement rated on the same level as other Tegra 2 competition, with 2117 ms. Only the LG Optimus V900, the New samsung Motorola xoom, the New samsung Whole world Tab 10.1v and the  Asus Transformer were more swiftly. So all in all, this is a good displaying with admiration to efficiency, when in comparison to other supplement PCs currently available.

The hard disk (SSD) of the Lenovo supplement in this arrangement has a huge 64 GB potential. This storage space, however, can only be enhanced upon using SD credit charge cards. The appropriate card readers is put on the aspect of it, below a flap. So in complete you could get up to 128 GB (64 GB + 64 GB SD).

Alternatively you can also use absolutely normal USB stays on the ThinkPad supplement. But in order to use the information (pictures, movies, records...) on the Lenovo supplement, they have to be ripped beforehand onto the storage space (SSD or SD cards).

Gaming Verdict
Although this Lenovo ThinkPad is actually a business-oriented design, it is good for game enjoying, in the situation of what is possible for pills with equivalent components. The IPS present and the sensitive exterior (with Corning Gorilla Cup and a capacitive multiple touch panel) are ideal for Operating system mobile phone games in HD image.

Our game enjoying check revealed us that the interface is very high; all HD games use the full present dimension, and only games that are well-known to be challenging in this admiration - Residents, Frogger and Road 3D - prohibit themselves to only a part of the display.

The capacitive (6-finger) multi-touch section acts instantly to touching from little kids finger information as well, with no obvious waiting.

In the state that it’s provided in, this reasonably cost, 666 Dollar supplement (64 GB version) has a amazing number of programs pre-installed. With ‘Documents to Go’ you are able to modify your office records (Microsoft etc) while on the switch. ‘Docs to Go’ can handle doc, docx, exl, ppt, and pdf information files. The last two in looking at method only.

The ‘Amazon Kindle’ app allows you to obtain e-books onto the supplement from this company, and study them anywhere with the e-book readers. However, you do need an effective Amazon profile to use of the Amazon retail keep. Your profile information and/or card information must be located with Amazon, even for no cost apps/ e-books.

With Citrix System, customers of the ThinkPad supplement can obtain access to their enterprise programs and personal computers (virtual XenDesktop and XenApp infrastructure) and proceed working efficiently wherever they are.

With the help of ‘ooVoo mobile’, the Lenovo supplement becomes a web camera for movie shows or meetings. You need to have an profile with the company for this one too. This ‘game’ of establishing up records is necessary for almost every app. Only The search engines programs can be ‘activated’ swiftly via a The search engines Email profile that only needs to be set up once. The Email profile information is located in the tablet’s profile options.

There are also various programs for multiple media information files on the supplement. It clip participant can handle all present movie and music types. All our analyze information files ran without problems or stuttering. The supplement can be used as a participant for an exterior flat-screen, via the mini-HDMI slot on the aspect.

App Store
On the Lenovo supplement there are two App Store backlinks set up at the same time. One is for App Store use of Operating system mobile phone Market place, and the other is for use of the Lenovo Go shopping.

In Operating system mobile phone Market place, you may discover everything to do with all types of Operating system mobile phone gadgets - resources, games, programs (useful ones and ineffective ones) and so on and so forth. And the choice in the Lenovo App Store is no different: you get essentially the same selection here, but you pay Lenovo instead of The search engines.

In both App Shops you may discover no cost programs and ones you have to purchase. The Lenovo Go shopping has a fresh look than Operating system mobile phone Market place, but in the end it is just as complicated.

System noise
Because there is no fan in the Lenovo supplement and also no going components, it functions definitely gently. Even the important factors on the factor are simple when you press them.

One of the few unwanted components of this Lenovo supplement is its warm gain: even in nonproductive strategy, we were able to consider up to 32 qualifications in places (on the again in the middle). On the existing factor it was ‘only’ 30.1 qualifications.

With significant use, the Lenovo ThinkPad gets much warmer. Instead of 32 qualifications (in idle) the warm on the again goes up to 38 qualifications Celsius, which you can feel even without a warm review.

The warm on the existing also improve, getting to a greatest possible of 35.5 qualifications (in the middle, in landscape versions designs format).

The little getting adaptor becomes a fantastic 8 qualifications warmer (35.5 degrees) with significant use than it is in nonproductive strategy.

If you consider it to the New new samsung Whole community Tab 10.1v, the Lenovo supplement is substantially warmer. We examined a greatest possible of 29.8 qualifications on the Samsung; the Lenovo supplement is a fantastic 10 qualifications warmer. The Samsung Samsung motorola xoom was only 28.1 qualifications with significant use (display side) and a greatest possible of 26 qualifications (back side). Only the The S1 overtook the Lenovo ThinkPad with regards to warm acquire, by almost 2 qualifications Celsius.

For music engineering, the Lenovo supplement only has a little speaker, located next to the USB position. The music excellent quality is fantastic, making a fantastic belief even at full volume; unfortunately there is no striper at all, so the spatial level in flicks or musical engineering technology parts did not come across quite so well. For substantially better music excellent quality, use the headphones which come free with the supplement.

The quantity is managed either instantly on the supplement circumstance by means of the quantity artist replace on the factor, or within the Operating-system cellular cellphone handling bodies solutions.

Battery life
The Lenovo tablet’s power utilization when getting is substantially greater than for 7-inch tablets, but with a greatest possible of 8.7 H it is on the same level as the other 10-inch versions. Our components also unveiled that the getting adaptor somewhat fascinated any power (0.2 Watts) when the supplement was transferred off. However, in stand-by strategy, the adaptor uses a little more (0.7 Watts).

The Lenovo tablet’s power (2-cell, lithium polymer) has a prospective of 24.1 Wh. Charging is done using the getting adaptor (included) with a USB outcome and the appropriate USB line. On the other hand the supplement can be empowered via an normal USB position on your PC or computer. In the last circumstance, the getting process will probably take longer.

Even with the getting adaptor which is provided with the supplement (5.35V, 2A), getting the power needs stamina. A definitely crystal clear power can take up to 24 a while (!) to go to 100% power prospective again. We tried out all the solutions we could find on the supplement, but always with the same result: the getting process could not be encouraged.

But this is on objective. We found the appropriate view in the guideline on web page 36. Only once the supplement be attached is available (a genuine expansion) will a fast getting strategy be acknowledged.

If the power needs such a significant a opportunity to ask for, it should at least last for years throughout our power consider circumstances. Or so you would think.

With significant use, where worry is put on the Tegra 2 CPU, we found a power of 6 a while and 2 minutes. Once empowered, we began the second consider. In this circumstance, for online on the net via WLAN, the existing was set up so that the existing things would be easily readable. During the consider, different web websites were stuffed in convert. The power used out for 9 a while and 45 minutes in this circumstance.

In the next consider an H.264 video clip was done continually at greatest possible existing overall performance. All wifi, GPS and 3G interactions were deactivated at this point. In this circumstance we examined a power run-time of 7 a while and 3 minutes.

As any consider, the supplement just didn't have to do much at all: WLAN/ GPS/ 3G/ Wireless were deactivated, and the existing set to least quantity overall performance. In this strategy the power live through for more than 14 a while.

A greatest possible 14 a while of power, and then 24 a while attached in to the mains to recharge? It is a key to us how Lenovo thought this would work in exercise.

The Lenovo ThinkPad supplement is able to wow us in almost every respect, at least to begin with. It has a first-class, capacitive IPS existing, lots of memory space as well as wifi and 3G network. Everything you would foresee in a cellular cellphone.

The ThinkPad supplement represents a successful accessibility into the supplement community for Lenovo. At times it really makes the competition look old with regards to functions, network and price. Whereas other tablets only offer 16 or 32 GB SSDs, Lenovo sounds this with 64 GB. Nor has Lenovo cut cracks with the 10.1-inch display; the IPS area used here is involved by Corning Gorilla Cup from impact, represents and utilization, and substantially improves existing legibility outside as well.

Inside the ThinkPad supplement is a 1 GHz Tegra 2 processor made by Nvidia, as in many other identical cool gadgets. The tablet’s overall performance is at the level you would foresee.

The significant unwanted factor that come about from our reviewing was the power, not with regards to its power - in fact the supplement was effective once again in this respect - but with regards to the getting never-ending never-ending cycle which is most definitely very significant. The power sometimes required over 24 a while to ask for to 100% prospective, when using the getting adaptor provided with the supplement. This has a significant unwanted impact on our document of the power.

The present high-street price of the 64 GB design with wifi and 3G is 666 Euros. The ThinkPad supplement pen expenditures about 33 Euros in the Lenovo web go shopping.

The Lenovo ThinkPad supplement is also available in three other modifications. All are based on the IPS existing with a 10.1-inch existing straight, Operating-system cellular cellphone 3.1, and Tegra 2:
  • ThinkPad Supplement with wifi (no 3G), 16 MB SSD, 477 Euros
  • ThinkPad Supplement with wifi + 3G, 16 MB SSD, 567 Euros
  • ThinkPad Supplement with wifi + 3G, 32 MB SSD, 658 Euros 

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