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Sony Vaio VPC-EH1Z1E/B Notebook Review

Blu-Ray. Sony has yet another all-round notebook from the EH-series Vaio EH1Z1E / B. The highlight is the Blu-Ray, but the 6 GB of RAM and 640 GB hard drive is also impressive. Can laptop impresses with this?

Sony presents the second of its Vaio Series Vaio VG EH1Z1E / B. This series represents a wide range of laptops that covers a wide range of daily activities. Moreover, the devices have to convince with their appealing design and good workmanship.

Our test sample was equipped with a midrange processor family Intel bridge this sand and Nvidia entry level map. A generous 6 GB of RAM and a 640 GB hard drive to complete the configuration of suitable material. Another feature of this laptop is the Blu-Ray.

Specifications Sony Vaio VPC-EH1Z1E/B :
  • Processor : Intel Core i5 2410M 2.3 GHz
  • Mainboard : Intel HM65
  • Memory : 6144 MB, DDR3-10600, 666 MHz, max. 8 GB, 2 banks
  • Graphics adapter : NVIDIA GeForce 410M - 1024 MB, DDR3,
  • Display : 15.6 inch 16:9, 1366x768 pixel, LG Philips LP156WH2-TLAC, LED backlight, glossy: yes
  • Harddisk : Seagate ST9640320AS, 640GB 5400rpm
  • Soundcard : Intel Cougar Point PCH - High Definition Audio Controller
  • Connections : 4 USB 2.0, 1 VGA, 1 HDMI, 1 Kensington Lock, Audio Connections: 2 audio (headphone & microphone), Card Reader: 3in1 card reader (SD Card Memory Leser, MMC, SDHC)
  • Networking : Realtek RTL8168/8111 Gigabit-LAN (10/100/1000MBit), Atheros AR9285 802.11b/g WiFi Adapter (bg), 3.0 + HS Bluetooth
  • Optical drive : Pioneer BD-ROM BDC-TD03
  • Size : height x width x depth (in mm): 31.3 x 369.8 x 248.4
  • Weight : 2.7 kg Power Supply: 0.22 kg
  • Battery : 44 Wh Lithium-Ion, 10.8 volt
  • Price : 800 Euro
  • Operating System : Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium 64 Bit
  • Additional features : Webcam: 0.3 Megapixel, Microsoft Office Starter 2010, VAIO Gate, PMB VAIO Edition, Media Gallery, VAIO Care, VAIO Transfer Support, VAIO Update, VAIO Smart Network, Windows Live Essentials 2011, Adobe Reader 10, McAfee Internet Security 30 day subscription, 12 month warranty, 12 Months Warranty
The Sony Vaio EH1Z1E / B uses the same case as the Sony EH1M1E / W (but white). The Vaio EH1Z1E / B is only available in black and blue version. A white model, as EH1M1E / W, is no longer available. As before the EH1M1E / W, the special surface is well again in the black color model. Reflections on the surface change as a function of viewing angle. However, the surface not only looks interesting, it also has a nice touch and prevents fingerprints.

The EH1Z1E / B, the same rates as in our tests of pressure. The rest of the wrist could not be more rigid. Performance even under high selective pressure. The keyboard is also stable, although not as stable as the wrist rest. The keyboard gives slightly under pressure, but only above the optical drive.

Unfortunately, the screen is not as rigid as we would like. Just a little pressure on the two corners is sufficient to deform. In exchange, is quite insensitive to pressure from the rear. The build quality of the laptop is basically incredible.

Sony recorded a little in terms of connectivity options. Although there are four USB ports installed, the only compatible with USB 2.0 standard. USB 3.0 was not used. This makes the lack of an eSATA interface even more painful.

This user has no possibility to connect a hard drive via a fast interface to the laptop. The two slots for the card reader is somewhat unusual as most other manufacturers do not build in a plug for a 3in1 card reader. But at least it lets you use two cards simultaneously.

Positioning interface is basically acceptable. At least Sony has commissioned the position of the ports required for stationary (VGA / HDMI, power, LAN) at the back of the laptop. The most commonly used USB ports have moved to the area before the sides. "

The Sony Vaio EH1Z1E / B is not the lack of communication options. Realtek Gigabit Ethernet cares for wired connections. Users who prefer to go to wireless internet can do this with Atheros WLAN adapter in the form. It is compatible with IEEE 802.11 b / g / n. Bluetooth is also available and is delivered in version 3.0 + HS.

Scope of delivery
Not much to say about the Sony EH1Z1E / B. Except for the common perception and the warranty certificate, there is nothing in the box.

Sony equips the phone with a basic warranty of 1 year. If the newly acquired laptop is registered with Sony, is given an extra year. Moreover, additional warranty extensions in the Sony online store, which extends the warranty to 3 or 4 years.

Sony Notebook is equipped with a comprehensive software package. About 75 programs are already installed on the Sony notebook and Task Manager shows about 90 processes running. Many other programs are almost never used, but there are a few vital programs. So, the Microsoft Office 2011 and includes the Skype software Starter sensitive.

In addition, Sony offers the possibility of starting a small operating system through the QuickWeb button. Start the laptop is faster, but the functionality is limited to Internet e-mails or surf the writing. Hard disk access is not possible.

Input Devices
Like the Sony Vaio EH1M1E / W, Sony also use the keys on the chiclet keyboard Vaio standing EHZ1E / B, which extends the entire width of the laptop. This is a big key gap 5 mm, as well as NUMPAD possible. The keys are only moderately sized 14x14 mm, but are quite large.

Sony Vaio EHZ1E / B does not have a lot of shortcuts. Only three have made their way into the keyboard. These keys are the "Assist", the "web" and "VAIO". Sony Service Centre (Assist), high-speed, operating system, Web (the Web), and multi-media center (Vaio) will be opened by these buttons

Nothing delivers a keyboard (see figure) has noticed the normal type. The keyboard is also shown to be overall very enjoyable. The key to the pressure drop and the point was well chosen and allow you to work quickly. Write the noise is acceptable and not particularly difficult. However, they sound a little 'clattery in some areas, but does not affect them at all.

The touchpad has a diagonal of 85 mm (76x47 mm) and inserted into the wrist rest. This clearly separates the touchpad from the rest of the wrist, but the recognition of the touch screen should not be a problem due to its nubby surface anyway. The touchpad has two unmarked scrollbars, plus multi-touch. The touchpad is precise and accurate during the test and actually not just desirable.

Both mouse buttons are located directly below the touchpad. A distinction is very short and difficult to drop the key. Silence please click to confirm if the key has been activated. There is no reason to complain about here, either.

LG Philips screen is used in Sony Vaio laptops. The display is a model with a cursory glance and a resolution of 1366x768 pixels. It's a shame, considering that the laptop was equipped with a Blu-Ray player and the screen can not get the full resolution of Blu-Ray. Thus, the user has no choice but to use an HDMI cable to connect the laptop with a corresponding reading device. Then, the films can also be enjoyed in its highest quality Full HD.

When taking a closer look at the results of our measurements, it quickly becomes clear that Sony has built a track as soon as the screen of the Vaio mill EH1Z1E / B. The average brightness of 194.9 cd/m2 midfielder is also lower than before.

Even the brightness distribution of 85 percent is not convincing. Despite the difference in brightness can not be seen with the naked eye, some competitors do a better job here. At least Sony does not automatically reduce the brightness in battery mode.

The display shows a value of more deficiencies in black. Value of 1.31 cd/m2 black is quite high. It was less than 1.0 would have been desirable. It also has a negative effect on the contrast that is not very high, 159:1.

What color reproduction, the screen does not provide for professional users alike. The display can not do the whole range of sRGB and not even come close to the range of Adobe RGB color. But normal users can safely ignore.

On-screen data already show that the Sony Vaio EH1Z1E / B is suitable for external use only so far. Ideally, users should look for a shady spot so that the laptop still detects something right on the screen. In addition, moderate and low-contrast brightness, the reflective screen makes it even more difficult to play.

When the screen is tilted, the display will remain stable even wider viewing angle. Therefore, it is quite possible to sit on a laptop with a number of people without distorting the content. Only the image deteriorates rapidly when the display is tilted.

The Vaio EH1Z1E / B based on the Intel Core i5-2410M processor. This mid-range dual processor is currently very popular among manufacturers of portable and frequently integrated into laptops. The processor has a default clock of 2.3 GHz With the turbo, the clock can be increased to 2.6 GHz (dual core load) or 2.9 GHz (basic charge).

Thus, the processor is not only suitable for basic tasks like surfing the Internet, but also can be loaded with the most demanding tasks. Processing images and games are possible with the processor. With a TDP of 35 watts, which is the most current Intel Sandy Bridge mid-range and is suitable for laptops with a size of 14 inches or more. The Intel Graphics HD 3000 has been integrated directly into the processor and is more than enough for the graph of the basic tasks. Sony Vaio laptop does not use the Intel HD Graphics 3000, however.

Instead, it is based on Nvidia GeForce 410M. The 410M is an entry-level graphics has found its way into the Vaio laptops. It is only slightly faster than the Intel HD Graphics Cards 3000th Nvidia have advantages over Intel's integrated solution, especially in games.

The benefits of its 410M dedicated memory, and drivers of quality. 410M also supports the transmission of audio bitstream HD (Blu-Ray) via HDMI. Consequently, it is possible to send Dolby True HD and DTS-HD via bitstream no loss of quality to a suitable recipient. This is an important feature especially for Blu-Ray.

However, not 410M does not support 3D Vision. It is simply not strong enough. Basically, it is also possible to use technology with 410M Optimus, but Sony did not use this option and it is not implemented. Therefore, the automatic switching between Intel HD Graphics 3000 and Nvidia GeForce 410M is not possible.

We use the program, Cinebench, to evaluate the performance of the processor. The processor cores are placed individually and collectively in this benchmark. Thus, it is possible to check whether the Turbo Boost correctly, in addition to monitoring the performance of the processor.

The integrated processor i5-2410M scored 4486.0 points in Cinebench R10 Rendering Single (64 bits), and is therefore in the midfield 2410M processor. A similar score was obtained, for example Medion Akoya P6631 (2410M, GT540M) with 4494.0 points. Laptop Sony is far behind the rest of the field in the Cinebench R10 Rendering Multi (64 bits) of reference and manage 7593.0 points.

It is therefore one of the lowest placed laptop with a processor 2410M. For comparison: An average score for the 2410M processor would be around 9600 points in this benchmark. Asus X53E-SX082V (2410M HD Graphics 3000) Intel Test! Campaign 2011 is a good example with 9631.0 points.

Sony Notebook is a former field i5 Processor 430M first generation of processors with this score. For example, the Sony EH1Z1E / B is on par with the Dell Inspiron 17R (430M, HD 5470) and 7554.0 points. And 'certainly still room for improvement. However, the Turbo Boost function works without problems, the tools we used (hwinfo 64). In our tests, the processor could provide 2.90 GHz, without further ado, if necessary.

We are looking for Sony portable performance of the system software and PCMark Vantage PCMark 7 Notebook Sony has achieved a total score of 5818.0 points PCMark Vantage and is still in the top of our reference table. Fujitsu Lifebook LH531 (2410M HD Graphics, 3000) provide similar points here at 5902.0 points.

PCMark 07 benchmark shows a slightly different result. However, PCMark 07 benchmark graphs are not as good as the PCMark Vantage full of diagrams and the latest laptops are only listed. Here, the Sony notebook is rather the bottom of the league with a relatively portable computers with 1744.0 points.

The program 3DMark 06 is used to evaluate the graphics card. Sony Vaio EH1Z1E / B, with an Nvidia GeForce 410M where a score of 4615.0 points. Portable and classified in the lower third of our reference chart. The 410M is currently still a stranger in our list.

Thus we would have preferred not to comment on how the 410M graphics card installed prices compared to the other 410M card. Sony is positioned between the Samsung QX412-S01DE (2520m GT 520M) with 4736.0 points and Lenovo IdeaPad Z370-M5657GE (2410M, HD Graphics, 3000) with 4589.0 points.

The Seagate ST9640320AS drive installed in a 2.5-inch model with a capacity (gross) of 640 GB. Discs spin at 5400 rpm magnet, which is standard for laptops. However, the hard disk can not be distinguished from its competitors in terms of rates. He soon lost his way.

With an average transfer rate of 72.8 MB / s, the hard disk is not broken all records and the access rate of 17.7 milliseconds is nothing special, either. However, we note that a positive number of portable hard drives typically offer a comparable rate of 19 to 20 milliseconds.

Verdict of the game
The Nvidia GeForce 410M installed suitable only to a degree for games. The user has to compromise on quality and the decisions here. The game, StarCraft 2: Wings of Liberty, and Deus Ex: Human Revolution used Sony Vaio test game EH1Z1E / B this time. While StarCraft 2 is a real-time strategy game, Deus Ex is an action role-playing game to play.

GeForce 410M deal perfectly StarCraft 2 lowest settings and lowest resolution. The game runs smooth 101 frames per second. However, the game starts to stutter to the next level of quality and resolution. It 'can still play at 19 frames per second, but it is really fun. The same setting is high, as expected. The game is definitely more playable 16 frames per second.

The same Deus Ex game is smooth 43 frames per second, the lowest setting and resolutions. However, the entire width of the screen is not used, and the game does not appear more attractive. Once the settings are increased, the game starts to stutter so intensely, that is almost unplayable.

System Noise
The Sony Vaio is usually quiet at idle. However, the laptop is striking because it always makes a noise silent. The noise level is 31.1 dB (A) - 33.1 dB (A). The hard drive noise is often integrated with 31.0 dB (A). The hard drive is sometimes noted with an instant calm. It's a bit annoying with 31.7 dB (A), then. The optical drive is not as discreet.

The reader generates a noise of 35.9 dB (A) to watch a DVD or Blu-Ray. Thus, the reader is not exactly quiet and not disturb the quiet scenes. It should not be a problem when the laptop is connected to the TV and the audience does not sit too close to him.

However, the noise can be annoying when watching a movie on the go and sitting directly in front of the laptop. The cooling system on the Sony Vaio EH1Z1E / B is very audible during charging. The noise level is 37.8 dB (A) and 40.6 dB (A) here.

The Intel Core i5-410M GeForce 2410M and should not be a problem for the cooling system. The two are not exactly known for its air of high-level waste and, ultimately, is exactly as it is. The maximum temperature at the top of the base unit is 31.7 degrees Celsius in idle mode and absolutely harmless. Even the palm rest and touchpad is not particularly kind to 26.8/27 degrees Celsius, 29.7 degrees Celsius, respectively. It looks very different on the bottom, either. The maximum temperature of 38.1 degrees Celsius here.

Logically, the higher temperatures during charging. The maximum temperature at the top is now 35.8 degrees Celsius, which is still a very good rate. The two sides of the palm rest heat until 28.6 degrees C (left) and 29.0 degrees C (right), while the touchpad reached 32.7 degrees Celsius.

The maximum temperature is below 42.9 degrees Celsius and now reaches a temperature that can get uncomfortable when using the laptop on your lap. Although most users do not use your laptop on his knees at full load, should be mentioned briefly.

Sony Vaio EH1Z1E / B has no problem with full load. The Prime95 and FurMark program is used to charge the laptop. Temperatures recorded by the program Hardware Monitor. The maximum temperature of the processor is 93 degrees Celsius in the test. Thus, the temperature is always in a safe place and there is still some room elbow. We did not notice any signs of choking under test and subsequent evaluation tests with 3DMark 06 revealed no evidence of strangulation.

Two small speakers located on the left and right above the keyboard, which are responsible for the sound. Even if you are still not enough for music or movie playback to go, of course, will not be possible for users with higher expectations - compared to an external audio system. Speakers will begin to distort when the volume is full.

Battery Life
Sony Vaio laptop not to become energy savings in terms of fat consumption. However, it is not surprising because the laptop has a processor and a good midrange dedicated graphics card. Therefore, the use of 10.9 to 17.2 watts idle is not a surprise.

This is also reflected in the rate of 53.4 to 85.4 watts load measured. When the computer is loaded with Prime95 (to load the main processor capacity), consumption is 71 watts. Consumption is 56 watts when the laptop is loaded with Furmark (which all support the graphics card). The 90-watt adapter should have no problems with 85.4 watts maximum was measured.

Sony laptops are not only facing machine according to our testing program, BatterEater. The battery has reached 4 hours and 45 minutes of testing Reader. This is unlikely to ever achieved in practice, though. Most users are unlikely to be the lowest brightness of the laptop in standby mode.

The interest rate is determined by the wireless surfing is more realistic. The notebook runtime to achieve 2 hours and 25 minutes from here. The notebook will last 2 hours and 9 minutes before it turns off when watching a DVD on the move. When the handset is used to go at full capacity, the battery only lasts 1 hour and 14 minutes.

Sony provides a very capable all-round laptop with EH1Z1E / B Blu-Ray hits the buyer as soon as it is one of the highlights of the handset. Stylish and very possible input devices are also included. But many potential buyers are likely to be weak, particularly given the current price of € 685.00 (as of 19/10/2011).

In general we can say that Sony has not made serious mistakes in the Vaio EH1Z1E / B, but has not featured much. The poor display contrast based HD (720p) and connectivity are too thin for this inconvenience. The lack of Nvidia Optimus is no big deal either, but certainly would not hurt battery life.

Overall, the Sony notebook is a useful and versatile laptop has some drawbacks, but a good price.

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