Tuesday, July 5, 2011

HP Mini 100e

HP Mini 100 netbook is the latest of education to get oriented to the market, aiming only at school and lack of channels of consumption patterns. This model has a unique clamshell design with integrated handle and body are very difficult. In this review, we will see how well it stands out compared to similar models, including Dell Latitude 2100, so you can decide if it's a netbook that is right for your school.

Our HP Mini-100E specifications:
  • 10.1 "WSVGA (1024 x 600) with LED backlight
  • Intel Atom N455 (1.66 GHz, 667 MHz FSB)
  • Intel GMA 3150
  • 802.11b / g, LAN 10/100
  • DDR3 1 GB (2 GB max)
  • 160GB hard drive and SD card reader
  • Dimensions 10.9 x 9.9 x 1.57 inches
  • Weight 3.10 pounds with 6 cell battery
  • Batteries: 3 28 Wh lithium-ion its
  • Warranty: 1 year (extended warranty available)
  • Price: less than U.S. $ 300 (prices vary depending on configuration ordered and units)
Construction and Design
HP Mini-100E is not like most netbooks currently on the market. HP started fresh medium and a computer is super powerful, easy to use and easy to carry. From top to bottom of the netbook is designed for the abuse of all children, day after day and continue to work as expected. Mini-100E has a white plastic outer skin and a very large palette of colors inside the laptop.

The same plastic that are found everywhere on laptops, including the touchpad and the display panel, giving the system a very industrial. If you want a designer netbook, look elsewhere. Features such as built-in handle is all about function over form, eliminating the need to drag the case out of the system.

The whole system is designed for school administrators hope the repair is simple and easy to store, at the end of the day when schools. Mini 100 is a durable plastic body seems more at ease in a rugged notebook, not netbook. When the system is the open space around the keyboard on the screen each time.

The wrist rest is just rock with a keyboard and pad, near the display hinges. The hinges are very strong, completely free from doubt, and keep the screen closed when the system is closed. Even the keyboard seems a step above what is found in standard laptop, with the mark recorded for each symbol, not only to print on the surface of the button.

HP Mini-100E is very easy to update, even though we were surprised to see a child deterence mechanisms to prevent tampering by students. With the battery removed, the two screws holding the cover reveals that in place. When the lid, you will have access to wireless card, hard disk and system memory.

Hard disks have partial protection against the impact of grommets to isolate the chassis of the small car that can take hours to dry. In general, one can easily say that this netbook is one of if not the easiest to update the models on the market.

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