Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Samsung NC215S

The Samsung NC215S was unveiled at the Africa Regional Forum in Nairobi, Kenya and will be released in the US on the 3rd of July with a suggested retail price of $399, according to reports. If you are into green living and sunlight, this solar powered notebook will definitely catch your attention.

The Samsung NC215S looks much like other notebooks in its class but with one notable distinctive feature: It has solar panels that are directly integrated into the unit’s lid. The NC215S will run Windows 7 and Samsung claims that it will be able to offer a battery life of up to 14.5 hours with its 6cell battery and the solar power. The solar panels is said to be able to give you one hour of extra battery life for every 2 hours of sunlight.

The new notebook offers a conventional notebook configuration with a 10.1in, 1024 x 600-pixel matte display (enabling you to use it even in the sunlight) and a weight of 1.3kg. An Intel Atom N570 (1.66 GHz) dual-core processor, 1GB of Ram and a 250GB or 320GB drive are the device’s main features.

Now , In November 2009 Samsung launched the Blue earth phone, that also used solar power and gave 10 minutes of use for one hour of sun exposure , the phone , however, turned out not to be too popular as the functions turned out to be very limited. Let hope that the NC215S will prove to be a step in the right direction for this technology.

* 1.6GHz N570 Intel Atom dual-core processor;
* 50GB of storage,;
* and 1GB of RAM ;
* 2.9 pound weight;
* Webcam;
* USB;
* Wi-Fi connectivity;
* 10.100 LAN;
* An SD card slot.

by : laptops-and-netbooks.com

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